Where were you when Wenger left?

Where were you when Wenger left?


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For all Gooners, I guess it was a seismic moment when we heard that we left.

It’s like when US President JFK died. For many years afterwards, people often used to recall where they were when they heard he was assassinated.

JFK It was often said that people remember where they were when US President JKF died. Wenger going was akin to this.

My JFK moment involved aid from a fan of our…..shall we say “good friends”.

I was at work that morning and had some usual banter with a co-worker from another department. He follows the lilywhite mob, and we both gave it large when we beat each other this season. That morning, I joked to him about their FA Cup semi-final, which they naturally lost by the time of writing. Something about their first decent trophy (potentially) since 1991, or something….. Nonetheless, I was heading towards my break time when he told me that Wenger had left.

I thought “Nah….he’s getting revenge for my jibe earlier”.

He then said “no, I’m serious. BBC said so…”

Then I thought “what??!?!”

I hurriedly ate some food, and drunk some water and juice, and then hurried to log on to my mobile data connection.

And there it was. BBC said he was leaving at the end of the season.

Huh? What?!?!

I thought it was some Twilight Zone I was caught in. However, it was true, and it was a shock.

It was unexpected, yet expected, as it were.

Wenger going is really seismic. Will we regret it? Who knows? But then it’s clear that we need change. And nobody can predict the future, after all. This doesn’t mean it’s wrong to expect change or desire it.

However, I did feel a sense of relief, in that finally it had been ended. No more fights of “Wenger in or out”. No more “will he stay or go”. No more “Arsene Wenger, we want you to stay!!”

At that point, I looked forward to the new post-Wenger era, and how we can plan now and improve for the future.

Things didn’t turn out well, granted. But then it’s pretty much a fact that he’s been stellar in our history, and in English football.

Phillipe Senderos was not an outstanding defender for us, though I concur with his sentiment here.

Piers Morgan has a point too. Yes, I know my agreeing with his points will anger people. That said, a valid point is such, no matter from whom it emanates.

In life, we need renewal from time to time, and really we should not moan since most fans have got what they intended. It was time for change, but then we now we have it. It’s time then for the board, players, and fans, to utilise this period of change wisely. We have the infrastructure in place, but it’s about having the internal structures to sustain it properly. And if we can align the two, it would be sweet.

Was he sacked? Did he actually resign? It’s possible that the latter is truer. However, given how this unfolded, and that it’s a watershed moment in our club’s history, where was your JFK/Wenger moment? How did you react? Where you shocked, saddened, elated, or joyous?


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