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Where were you when Wenger left?

Where were you when Wenger left?   For all Gooners, I guess it was a seismic moment when we heard that we left. It’s like when US President JFK died. For many years afterwards, people often used to recall where they were when they heard he was assassinated. My JFK moment involved aid from a […]

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The Gargantuan Piss Wizard

The Outsiders Expert and Not so Expert View on Arsene Wenger as Arsenal Manager Exclusive

From the outside looking in A growing section of the Arsenal fan base are revolting. Some agree. Some agree with the sentiment, but disagree with the method. Some just disagree.   And then are those who have an ‘informed’ view. “I know the Arsenal fans are passionate but I don’t like the way some of […]

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Not sure who has  the Bigger Ego

Wenger suggesting Protesters are taking a lead from the ‘Big Ego’ of Piers Morgan is insulting to Gunners

As the season draws to a close, it is not a sense of sadness or even disappointment that engulfs me but one of relief; Relief that the summer break from club football will at last provide me with a timely respite from what has become a toxic environment during a disappointing and emotionally exhausting campaign. […]

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Do we have the guts - Giroud does

Arsenal – ‘Great Pretenders’ or genuine ‘Title Contenders’ – Do we have the ‘Guts?’

Steven Howard in today’s Sun continues with his critical note about our prospects to win the Title. He calls us “The Great Pretenders”. It makes for a good headline but in fairness to him he makes a point that is on the minds of all of us. Have we got the inner strength? Can we […]

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Celebrities be afraid, be very afraid – The Curse of Ramsey returns!!

A few years ago,  The Rambo Curse was rampant. MAY 1, 2010: Ramsey scored against Manchester United. MAY 2 2010: Osama bin Laden is shot dead  in his compound in Pakistan   October 2, 2011: Ramsey scored against Spurs. October 5, 2011:  Steve Jobs died of cancer   October 19,  2011: Ramsey scored against Marseille. […]

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Support your team

Arsenal top of the league, but who is top of the moaners?

Support Arsenal and enjoy the ride Just when you thought it was safe to believe….The Arsenal rollercoaster starts up again.We beat Chelsea, then lose to The Hammers.We beat United, then lose to West Brom.We beat City, then we lose to Southampton. The team has been playing to its maximum ability over the past few and […]

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As you rage at the Arsenal stop, deep breath, think – God am I becoming like Piers Morgan

THE PIECE ABOUT KEEPING THE PEACE. “Patience is power. Patience is not an absence of action, rather it is timing, it waits on the right time to act, for the right principles, and in the right way.” These are the wise words of Venerable Fulton Sheen, once Archbishop of the American Catholic Church. I already […]

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