The 18 yard axis

It’s obvious to all of that Unai has his style.

and that is slowly being imbedded into the players mentality and hopefully will become second nature over the next few weeks.

At present, it seems that Emery’s ethos is imprinting in the team, well for at least 20 minutes or so per game, which at present seems to be enough to leave, all smiles, with a win.

The two things have really hit home with me.


The thoughtful passing from the back, to eventually get the ball behind the full back, then the pull back to the edge of the area and the new found ability to shoot from the edge of the box!!!

In recent years, we played the ball around the edge of the D, kept possession and waited for a gap, which invariably didn’t work, as teams would pack the 18 yard box and the move would eventually break down.

Back in the mid noughties, with the Hleb, Cesc, Flamini midfield axis, we just didn’t shoot. I remember screaming myself hoarse in the west stand, shouting SHOOT to no avail.

The New Axis

I know they haven’t played much along side each other yet but the influence of both Guendouzi and Torreira is plain to see.

Sideshow Bob provides the link between the back four and the attacking spearhead in front of him. This was perfectly shown on Saturday when  he was invariably sat between the two centre backs, waiting to receive the ball to start the attacking motion and then slot back in to protect the back four.

Torreira on the other hand, is a terrier, who is always looking to get forward to support the front 5, but not afraid to get back and get dirty to shore up the back line.

And at 19 and 22 they should be together forever, well, at least for next next few seasons.

So here’s to the Emery way, here’s to controlling the game for longer than 30 minutes and here’s to Guendouzi and Torreira forming the new centre midfield axis.

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