Emery to Arsenal’s Sideshow Matt: “Get your hair cut, young man!”

Get your hair cut, young man

Another game at Old Trafford, another Old Trafford non red card.

fellaini hair pull

Sideshow Matt…
sideshow bob

…was breaking away & Fellaini, proving to all that he is the dog we all know he is, and following to Maureen’s script, used any means necessary to stop him.

Typically, at Old Trafford, the ref didn’t see it and Fellaini didn’t get to spend the last 15 minutes playing hide the soap in the showers.

Mariner in Manchester, we should expect nothing less.

It reminded me of another player who got away with an attempted scalping.

Peter ‘I’d be a virgin if I wasn’t a footballer’ Crouch, vs Trinidad & Tobago at the 2006 World Cup


But let’s face it, the beanpole needed all the help he could to score on and off the pitch.

At least Unai took a light hearted spin on it, by calling on his inner Brian Clough and telling Matteo:

‘Get your hair cut young man’

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One Response to Emery to Arsenal’s Sideshow Matt: “Get your hair cut, young man!”

  1. Yonah Oyom December 8, 2018 at 11:28 am #

    For Sure Unai Is Very Right About That Say, He Surely Needs To Reduce That Hair Bessing On The Fact That Fellainy Brought Him Down With The Aid Of The Hair Which The Referee Could Not Even Take Any Action On The Matter

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