Arsenal: Holding Out For A Hero (To Return)

Holding out for a hero

My timeline has been peppered with #EmeryOut statements over the past few days.

FFS, seriously, yes we were battered, but, Unai is a world class coach, who has inherited a squad that needs a massive overhaul, which can’t be undertaken in one window.

We know we need at least one centre back (if not two), a winger and replacements for Ozil and Rambo, but these don’t grow on trees and we don’t have half a billion to spend in January. We need at least another two or three windows to catch up, then real comparisons can be made with Liverpool.

Also, you have to remember that, it’s taken Klopp 3-4 years to get to this position, Emery has had 6 months, get some bloody perspective.

The rationale of the pressing issue, can be summed up by looking at the league table.


We have scored on par with the title challenging pack, but we have conceded at least double the goals of the rest.
We can score but we can’t defend. But then most of you knew that already

However, there is a common denominator in these events that may have been overlooked:

Arsenal 2018/2019 with Rob Holding –
Games: 16
W/D/L: 11/5/0
GF: 39
GA: 14

Arsenal 2019/2019 without Rob Holding –
Games: 13
W/D/L: 7/1/5
GF: 20
GA: 22

Basically, with Rob Holding the backline, we don’t lose and concede less than a goal a game, but without him, we concede nearly 2 goals a game and lose near half our fixtures.

Rob Holding Diego Costa in his back pocket is back (when fit) and is sorely missed at the back.


Holding (and Mavropanos) are the future of Arsenal’s defence, but with both injured, along with half of the backline, short term cover is needed.

Unai, I implore you, get Cahill on loan, (he can still do a job) and a replacement for Mustafi ASAP, please.
Then we will can hold out until the summer for our hero to return.

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