Title race views – City retention or a new Scouse Red dawn?

Whilst our good friends are in third place, I think it’s unrealistic that they will win the league. This isn’t just rivalry talking but they’re not as good as Liverpool and City. Besides, Mr. Pochettino doesn’t like winning trophies, and they may not even open their ground this season.

Liverpool hasn’t won the Premier League, albeit only Manchester United has won the league in total more than them. If they win it this season, it would be their 19th title in total, but one behind their Mancunian “friends”.

However, is it their year? Or will the cliché “next year is our year” tell true for them, and will they bottle it?

Will City retain the PL for the first time, which Mancini’s and Pellegrini’s sides couldn’t do? As with the 2019 Preakness Odds if we forget our noisy neighbours it is a 2 horse race 🙂


The two managers vying for the title – Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola


The recent draws vs. West Ham and Leicester saw them drop points, as City beat us and Everton. The gap that Liverpool had over Christmas over the

These are some factors which I think could affect either side:


  • Pressure


This is the best Liverpool side, arguably, in PL history. They’ve had many top players before, and some good sides. But the overall balance here is possibly the best. The mid to late 1990s teams under Roy Evans had some great players, but often lacked defensively and mentally. The 2000s sides featuring Gerrard, Owen, Carragher, etc. whilst winning domestic cups and Champions Leagues, often lacked the winning mindset required to win the league.

This team may fold for this reason, and it remains to be seen if they can hack it in the long haul.

City on the other hand as reigning champions have this. And many of the current team around in the Mancini and Pellegrini title wins. Pep Guardiola himself has won numerous leagues in various countries, so is a serial winner and knows what it takes in the long haul.

Klopp has won the league before, notably the Bundesliga with Borussia Dortmund. However, his players haven’t had much prior league success, but this could be a boon as much as a hindrance. Every top player has to win a first trophy, and this could be a catalyst for their payers to prove their worth at the highest level. Van Dijk is a world-class centre-back, and he would cement this status further via winning the league. The same is true of Mohamed Salah, who needs to win big trophies to cement his place at the top too.

City has the edge here, though Liverpool has a point to prove too.


  • Time


Liverpool hasn’t won the league since 1990, with greats like Barnes, Nicol, Hansen, Rush, and Aldridge. This could prove the hunger for the club to re-establish itself at the true summit of the English game.

Moreover, their great rivals Manchester United are floundering, and this too could be a pivotal point.

City has won the league multiple times in recent years. Yes, this too may provoke hunger, but the league title has special significance for Liverpool. They’ve won practically all the other trophies a team can possibly win in PL history – FA Cup, League Cup, UEFA Cup, Champions League. But the title has eluded them. They thus can end this historical “curse” this season. It would be 29 years since their last title, and this is way too long for a club of Liverpool’s standing.


Barnes and Beardsley – Liverpool’s last league title win in 1990.


  • Squad depth

Whilst Liverpool has great players in attack and defence, a long-term injury to Mo Salah or van Dijk may scupper them.

Losing Kun Aguero is a blow too, at any time for City. But Jesus, Sane, and Sterling, are ready replacements and have contributed much in terms of goals.

City’s depth could make them more primed to win the league.


City has great depth in attack


  • Managerial prowess

City’s defence has been to date adequate. They are currently, prior to the 9th Feb games, on top of the league but the Reds have a game in hand.

Klopp as aforementioned has won the league, but Pep has won the Premier League, Bundesliga, and La Liga.

This greater experience, and in working with many fine players like Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, etc. can bring greater capacities for success.





City has some advantages, in squad depth, managerial experience, and recent title-winning credentials. But Liverpool, in theory at least, could be hungrier.

And there would be some who would say Liverpool deserve it more – as an “old money” club that hasn’t been bankrolled.

I want Liverpool to win it – largely since they’re a club I respect and yes, Reds fans would go over the top. But who can blame them? Winning the league is the ultimate – which our friends from the Borough of Haringey don’t know about in recent memory.


Could this year be their year?

So how do we make of this from an Arsenal standpoint?

It shows where we need to go, and what’s needed to get to their level. It’s about noting and observing the examples presented.

In some ways, we are like them. We have top attackers, a skilled manager, and some other good players. But our mentality, off the ball work, and structure still need work. Once we get that, we can resume being a consistent top four side, and from there, who knows?

Whatever the outcome, it’s about time that we had a close title race. And it seems this time would go down to the wire.



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