Sokratis is a Philosopher of Defending and Socrates isn’t – A short tribute to Papa

Not a footballer

Socrates is a founder of modern philosophy you know

Sokratis footballer they all told us was far too slow

Plato leaned from Socrates and became an equally clever chappie

Holding learned from Sokratis and made the Gooners happy

The Socratic Method is a negative method of hypothesis elimination

The Sokratic method more akin to creative midfielder assassination

Socrates never actually left any writings, others his wisdom relayed

Sokratis always leaves his mark on every striker against whom he played

Socrates claimed that no one is willingly evil and that virtue if all knowledge

Well Sokratis also came from Greece but I think went to a different college

Socrates believed ‘ideals live only in a world the wise man could understand’

Sokratis believes defending ideally, old school, sneaky and underhand

Socrates represented Greece and influenced with philosophical persuasions

Sokratis defends for his nation and has done on 85 occasions

A Footballer

I hope that clears up the confusion


Editor’s Note:

One of Socrates’s most famous quotes is “I know that I know nothing”. The phrase itself is a self-referential paradox (akin to “this sentence is a lie”), but it is ambiguous enough that it can be given many different meanings.
This article: 5 profound meanings to “I know that I know nothing” explores some of the more interesting interpretations of the phrase, including:
  • Descartes’s Evil Demon thought experiment, in which the world might be just an elaborate illusion by an Evil Demon, and how it leads to “I think, therefore I am”
  • Plato’s theory of forms, and whether the physical world is indeed the real one.
  • Pyrrhonist skepticism, in which you can’t be sure of anything, so it’s best not to make any decisions at all.

Don’t say we don’t teach ya nothin’… 😉

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2 Responses to Sokratis is a Philosopher of Defending and Socrates isn’t – A short tribute to Papa

  1. Mark Tham March 6, 2019 at 8:58 am #

    Absolutely fantastic!

    • Dave Seager March 6, 2019 at 10:06 am #

      Thanks Mark. A little different I hope

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