Ode to a modern football fan

Ode to a modern football fan

This is not me advocating the acceptance of mediocrity. It’s just me requesting some perspective.


Please guys, please, please relax

Please guys, please, please chill out

Please guys, reign in the attacks

Please guys, reign in all the shouts


Remember, success, it is not a right

Remember, success, it is not owed

Remember, success, should be a fight

Remember, success, it should be bestowed


Remember, real success, isn’t bought

A billion does not buy real success

Remember, real success should be taught

Creating success is the true touch of greatness


Invincibles Lineup


It’s not a matter of life and death

It’s not that important at all

There are bigger things in life than this

Stop the abuse. You look silly and small

Bellerin Quote


A once great man, once said

“We don’t buy superstars we make them”

The right players, with passion in red

And the fans, in one voice, behind them


Fan celebrates

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