Watching the #NLD on Twitter: (Not for the faint-hearted or easily-confused)!

Due to my unreliable alarm clock, I missed the game this morning. So not having any reference, except for the result via BCCSport, I thought I’d review the game based on my Twitter timeline.

So here goes…….

Pepe the Flop:

‘Oi where’s Pepe’s receipt. Has it been 30 days?’



Pepe the Genius:

‘Pepe is class. He always tries making things happen, hence why he will give the ball away often. Love everything about his game. Off the ball runs, quality of touch, confidence while dribbling, twisting and turning, etc’



Granit the Hero:

‘He does have his flaws and I’ve said many times, he needs to cut out that silly tackle from his game. But for the most part, he gives us a great all round game. Emery knows this, which is why he won’t be dropped.’


IMG 1674

Granit the Anti-Christ

‘The customary Xhaka disaster class. How many more times do fans need to hear he’s a frigging liability before they accept the reality’



Bigging up Guendouzi:

‘One pass from Guendouzi and eight players are out of the game. This kid is phenomenal’



Bagging out Guendouzi:

‘First half the midfield was a headless chicken. Guendouzi for example was roaming down the diagonal picking passes with no end result.’



Unai The Great:

Sir Alex Ferguson + Arsene Wenger

= Unai Emery

He is the next professor.



Unai The Terrible :

‘Unai Emery’s meticulous coaching and attention to detail has crafted a side where there’s always at least 8 players who don’t know what they’re meant to be doing except waiting for one of the good players to bail them out’




Now I’m just confused????

Next tine I’ll double check my alarm.

And finally my favourite quote of the day:

‘Scientists have predicted that by the year 2030 everyone in the world would have been fouled by Xhaka at least once’


Xhaka foul

Quite possibly!

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2 Responses to Watching the #NLD on Twitter: (Not for the faint-hearted or easily-confused)!

  1. Victor Thompson September 4, 2019 at 11:16 am #

    Very entertaining Steve. Ironically your alternative profiles of your named players are both accurate when seen in the right context. I have to admit that for me the derogatory ones were more accurate.

    I do think that Xhaka and Emery are not improving fast enough to escape criticism. Both need to up their game.

  2. Wellmington September 4, 2019 at 2:37 pm #

    It’s the juxtaposition of being a Gooner

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