All eyes on the Arsenal Board – Is it Enrique coming to Inglaterra?

‘All eyes on the Arsenal board’

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Enrique rumours

My writings have been lengthy recently. This is because there has been so much to say.

This will be shorter.


It is shorter because life is simple at Arsenal right now.

It is simple because it all pivots on two decisions.

I’m not sure that Auba’s form, Ozil’s effort or the fact that Tierney didn’t play are relevant.

It’s simple because regardless of who plays and quite honestly, how they play, every game is disappointing.

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Poor form

When every game is disappointing then everybody turns around, looks up and tries to locate Edu, Raul and Vinai.

When they find them, they just look at them and wonder. Are you going to do what is obvious to everybody and anybody and more to the point, when are you going to do it?


So, here are the two simple and only decisions… When is Emery getting sacked and who is going to be the new coach?


There is a strong argument that’s pointless which is that it might be too late. If we would’ve refreshed everybody’s heads pre-Leicester, then maybe we are 3 points behind them. The fact that we are 9 points behind our goal has made many angry which was unnecessary.


I’d say 9/10 folks on my timeline wanted him sacked earlier and certainly expect it by Monday. The other 10% I don’t understand. They think he should stay for the season.

That is astonishing to me.

In my 41 years of watching football I can’t remember and easier decision than this one.

Normally when a coach is sacked, he is doing 2 or 3 things well but the more important things wrong.

Of all the key parts of Emery’s job, he is failing at all of them.

The thought that the next guy ‘might not be able to do any better’ is actually comical if it wasn’t bizarre. Imagine if we all lived our lives that way?

My girlfriend is totally wrong for me in every way, but I’ll stick with her until May because the next one might be just as bad!

I prefer to live life well, to the fullest as it’s a gift. I’m not going to stick with anything in my life that is not clearly not working because I’m scared of ‘what if.’

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Just not working

Emery isn’t working. He shows us twice a week. He’s even creative in his failing. He tries a brand new something every game and still fails. So, you can’t even say, ‘what if he tried this’ or ‘what if this guy plays.’


Emery is like a vase. After Liverpool he was like a vase that had fallen and broken in three pieces. It was repairable.

After Watford, the vase was dropped again and smashed into 10 pieces and it looked like it might not be worth trying to fix. Someone taped it together but yesterday it was dropped for a third time. It smashed into 400 pieces. The 9/10 have decided to put the vase in the bin. The 1/10 have gone to the store to buy 7 more glue sticks and are currently stuck at home covered in glue and wishing they weren’t so stubborn.

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Have you ever in your workplace had a boss that was failing in every way?

I have.

When it happened to me, we eventually got a new boss but the change in my job came much earlier than that.

It came the moment a friend of mine came up to me and said, “they’ve just fired the boss.”

I went from being miserable at work (alongside everyone else) to being so happy. I didn’t need to know who the new boss was. Couldn’t care less.

I instantly perked up and started to enjoy my job. I started to perform. I even looked forward to coming to work.

Everybody felt the same way and so my workplace started to not only function but because the employees were good, it flourished.

This was before the new boss even arrived.


This is Arsenal.


I’ve always thought that the ‘new manager bounce’ gives too much credit to the new manager.

The truth is that the players were always good enough. They just got revitalized and gave 40% more.

Then the new manager has to do very little initially but just be there, because the players inherently know that they have to impress him.

The big positive is that Emery seems to have lost the dressing room. This will mean that if the board do their job then Arsenal will be instantly revitalized.




All reports suggest that Freddie Ljungberg is very popular.

Arsenal board…don’t be guilty of what Emery has done and overthink. Let Freddie take temporary charge and ride the wave of happiness for as long as it goes. In the meantime, look for a permanent coach, knowing that Freddie could be your man.


Popular choice



I hope that Emery is sacked by Monday.

I hope that Freddie Ljungberg is given temporary charge.

I hope that (if Freddie doesn’t work out) that Mikel Arteta is given the job.




If Wenger or Mourinho are given the job as a temporary or permanent solution, then I despair.

The fanbase are upset. Why would you appoint someone that turns them from upset to divided?


I think that the Enrique rumours are real.


If he’s recovered from his daughter’s tragic death, I predict that Luis Enrique will be our new coach.

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3 Responses to All eyes on the Arsenal Board – Is it Enrique coming to Inglaterra?

  1. odongwun arthur asa November 10, 2019 at 9:26 am #

    let onai leave before monday

  2. Omar El-kilany November 10, 2019 at 11:17 am #

    Hi Mike, great read, you write all what I am thinking and what we should do, so it’s a big thumbs up.

  3. Victor Thompson November 10, 2019 at 3:37 pm #

    I agree with every word but particularly the part headed “Hopes”.

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