It’s time for action against KSE

It wasn’t long ago that fans were saying we can still make the top four. However we are playing badly enough to become embroiled in a relegation battle with nine games without a league victory. The Gunners are hovering just five points above the bottom three and I cannot see where the next win is coming from. This reminds me of the last time we flirted with relegation in 1975-76 when we finished 17th and escaped the drop by a mere six points. We had some great players in that squad such as Alan Ball, Liam Brady and George Armstrong. We had Brian Kidd, Pat Rice, Sammy Nelson and some promising youngsters broke into the side like David O’Leary and Frank Stapleton but we still lost 19 league games that season. Bertie Mee had by then completely lost the plot and fell on his sword at the end of that season. Terry Neill then came in to start his reign.

Looking back at that squad from Bertie’s last season I’d say it’s better than what we have now, despite Terry Mancini! If there is any team you would want to play right now it’s The Arsenal. There isn’t an Arsenal fan alive today who can remember the last time we were relegated. We’ve been proud members of the top flight of English football for 100 years. Fans always say Arsenal will never go down. People said that about The Titanic and look what happened there!

I thought that Freddie Ljungberg taking charge would give us a lift and end the malaise. He couldn’t have had two better games start with in Norwich and Brighton. But unfortunately it hasn’t made a difference. We are still in a downward spiral and who among you would bet on the Gunners getting three points away at the Hammers. Arsenal then face some very difficult league fixtures Man City (H}, Everton (A), Bournemouth (A) followed by two tricky home games against Chelsea and Man Utd. I wouldn’t rule out us going into the New Year deep in the relegation mire.

The Arsenal fans are frustrated, angry and depressed at this state of affairs. In my opinion the reason we are where we are can be traced back to the day Stan Kroenke became the majority shareholder and took control of Arsenal Football Club. They have overseen a steady decline and wasted a golden opportunity to establish Arsenal as one of the top European clubs.

Josh Kroenke spoke in his interview just before the season started as though they’d only just taken over when he fact KSE have had a controlling interest since 2011. He also said he wanted to see Arsenal challenge for the Premier and Champions Leagues. Under KSE that is all pie in the sky. Ivan Gazidas made a similar laughable statement about becoming like Bayern Munich. It is all empty words and promises.

Not A Franchise


All Arsenal Football Club are to them is a franchise. Just another name in the KSE portfolio of failing sporting clubs. I suspect we are being used as a vehicle to help with financing of KSE’s flagship the LA Rams with its massive  new stadium which at $6b dollars is running at $2b dollars over budget. I’ve read that Arsenal would prefer the next head coach to not be contracted to a club. Of course they would. That way they wouldn’t have to pay any compensation. Let’s get this right instead of employing the best coach they possibly could KSE will plump for a cheaper easier option. They only ever do just enough. They always have done. If the natives get a little restless then buy them a Mesut Ozil or a Pepe to keep them quiet. 

The Kroenke’s have presided over this whole mess, they are the ones the Arsenal fans should be gunning for (excuse the pun). It’s high time the Arsenal fans woke up and smelt the coffee. We need to get these parasites out of our club. It may not work but by Christ we need to pile the pressure on them and give it a good try. It’s time to stop the talking and take some action against KSE.


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2 Responses to It’s time for action against KSE

  1. James okwara December 6, 2019 at 1:49 pm #

    I have been saying this for years and nobody wants to listen. The rot was supported the arsenal supporters trust who engineered kse’s share acquisition to spit usmanov’s. Now we are paying the price. If kse does not leave arsenal alone, we are headed for the championship

  2. Dunlop 65 December 6, 2019 at 3:10 pm #

    There is only one way to get through to them and we all know what that is. ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ untill the fans collectively hurt them in the wallet this saga will run for a few more years. I understand it painful to not go and watch your team at the Emirates or not renew your season ticket. But there it is plain and simple. Protest all you like they don’t listen they only pay it lip service.

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