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Has Arteta let the players down or have the players let Arteta down!

This was my column for Sun Football yesterday. The Morning after the woeful night before I knew I would be asked to articulate my views on Arsenal’s situation and that of the manager after last night’s limp exit from Europe’s secondary competition. Not a task to relish. Having already selected a weakened team in defence […]

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Has Covid Changed The Way We Are Fans?

I ask this only due to all the goings on recently with fans in Manchester storming into Old Trafford and making tits of themselves. Bringing the wrong kind of publicity towards a cause all the fans want.  Arsenal fans turned up in numbers and put on a great show of solidarity to protest before the […]

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Kroenke Moenke

There Once Was A Guy Who Owned Spotify…

There once was a guy who owned Spotify Who loved Arsenal and his dream was to buy So he spoke to Thierry And his mate Paddy Then they convinced Dennis to help them try Now The Arsenal are owned by the Kroenkes And about the club they don’t give a monkeys They’re only in for […]

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Emirates fan protest

Outside the Emirates the Gooners excel, while the Gunners fail within

I have been at an Arsenal match as accredited media before, but not at The Emirates, so last night was a first for me. Consequently, I feel compelled to endeavour to write something of merit, beyond a basic match report. Of course, that will not be problematic as last night was about so much more […]

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It is time for Stan Josh, Tim and Vanai to go -We Want More!!

We Want More. The decision to pull out of the proposed European Super League was right but it was also late, too late.Pulling out of it doesn’t make things right, we want more.We Want More.The damage to our reputation and image was done already and the consequences of such a reckless decision will last for […]

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mikel 0

KSE Listen to your Manager – Back Arteta NOW on Partey and Aouar or risk losing him

”You are not in the Champions League and because you are not in the Champions League, you say ‘Okay, I don’t have to invest because I don’t have the financial ability to do it’. But the other clubs invest and then the gap becomes bigger”.  Mikel Arteta (14/7/2020)   Over to you Stan Kroenke. I […]

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Arteta did in 8 months what Spurs have not achieved in 29 years BUT Arsenal now back their coach as we failed to do in 2017

The win was glorious, no doubt. But like in 2017, we need more. KSE, as our “esteemed” owner, needs to facilitate more in us to push us to the next level.   Arteta did in eight months that Spurs haven’t in 29 years.We had the chance to build, and we didn’t take it. And now, […]

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Cash Strapped Arteta will not be blamed – Let the Wheeling and Dealing commence

  The Transfer window approaches fast and Arteta has no money He said so last night with a wry smile, though we Gooners don’t think it funny The owners will not splash their cash, their dollars aren’t for spending KSE are resolute whist down the league the team is descending It’s the roulette wheel of […]

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VARrrrrrgh! Arsenal paying the penalty for poor officiating, NLD incoming and debt restructuring [GT Pod Episode 05]

Gunners Town Pod – Episode 05 “VARrrrrrrgh!” Chris, Charlie and Gav have a little moan about the inconsistencies of VAR. Also – a quick look ahead to the North London Derby, and some breaking news about KSE, Kroenke and the stadium debt. Don’t forget to subscribe using the many options below. WATCH On the Gunners […]

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The only Stan I trust is from Laurel and Hardy – or how I would run Arsenal if I owned it

  Like many other Gooners out there, my tolerance towards Mr. Kroenke isn’t strong. I feel he’s overseen our steady decline and demise from top-four regulars to ninth place. The three FA Cups wins in his tenure were all glorious occasions. But with proper oversight, targets, and drive, we had the capacity to do much […]

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