If the Arsenal’s Cash Cupboard is bare – Play the kids Mikel if you dare!

He went to the cupboard and the cupboard was bare?

As a bat out of hell has caused the whole world to grind to a full stop and left us all teetering on the edge of Dante’s inferno, football must take a long hard look at itself.


The EPL especially, must gulp a large intake of breath and decide wether it keeps on the path of monetary oblivion or look at the bigger human picture and realise that the planet is on the verge of being financially screwed and adjust its perception accordingly.

From Arsenal’s perspective, how can we justify paying  £300k a week on any player, when we are likely to lose £100m in match day revenues alone.

How can we pay £50m for a player, when the worlds economy is likely to shrink by 25% and unemployment rates are at 15%.

It would be immoral and frankly grotesque.


The cupboard will likely be bare and we need to look at our own, to see us through the next few seasons and personally, I think we have the resources to back ourselves and put us back in contention.

To balance the books, some big names and big salaries, of the ilk of Auba, Laca and Ozil will/may have to go and Post Covid Arsenal could look this; 





Bellerin (capt)



Smith-Rowe (Ceballos, if we are lucky)





Excluding Leno, the ever average age of the team would be around 22 and would still leave us with the likes of Chambers, Holding, Nelson, Willock and Guendouzi fighting for a starting berth and precocious talents such as  Folarin Balogun, James Olayinka and Tyreece John Jules hopefully kicking down the door in a season or two.

To twist a well known faux pas, I believe, ‘You can win something with kids’.


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2 Responses to If the Arsenal’s Cash Cupboard is bare – Play the kids Mikel if you dare!

  1. Simba Murerwa May 10, 2020 at 11:51 am #

    Better than the old horses we play

  2. gunnerpete May 10, 2020 at 12:13 pm #

    Good article and like your team but its a bit misleading saying the cupboard is bare when we have £100 mil worth of players to sell. my personal view is that Lacasette should be swapped for Partey and Auber kept. I would then be happy to get monet for Mikitarian, Sokratis, Belerin, Kova, which would easly fund Upamecano and keep Soares. That will give us a great defence with great backup with Holding, Chambers and Luiz. Perhaps one of them could be sold too. I love the idea that if we got Partey will will also have Torrera and Guendouzie and Xaka and Smith Rowe. Meaning we can make money from others out on loan who are surplus. Our fowrad line if we keep Auba will be Martinelli, Nketiah, Nelosn, Saka, Pepe and a couple of kids like Bolugun whi is ready. So I am very excited about the possibilities of this new squad with much more balance. If possible I would swap OZIL for another to allow us to pick up some more wonderkids like Martinelli.

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