Gracias por las memorias, Senor Hector?

Arsenal star Hector Bellerin offered to PSG as beaten finalists chase right-back


There’s been talk lately of a move for Hector Bellerin to PSG.

With talk of needing to sell to buy, is it time that we cashed in on Hector?

These are the pro points for keeping him, in my view:


– Not old




Hector is 25, which is one’s prime generally speaking in football terms.
So he has at least 5/6 years left in prime condition for us, or in football generally.

This means that he can be a mainstay of progression under Arteta, as we look to build on getting CL football again and challenging for the league.


– Knows the club


Arsenal Offer Héctor Bellerín to PSG in Effort to Raise Additional Funds

Cup winner vs. Chelsea in 2020

Hector made his debut in the 14/15 season at West Bromwich Albion, and has played under Arsene Wenger, Emery, Ljungberg and now Arteta. He also has won three FA Cups with us, notably contributing to the second goal Auba scored at Wembley in August.

So in theory, keeping Hector should ensure we have Arsenal DNA, as it were, in our club as he knows the culture, climate, and expectations required.


– An “Honourary Londoner”


This isn’t to deny his Spanish heritage, which I’m sure he takes pride in. But then he does have a half Spanish/half-London accent, and has attributed this to hanging out with youth trainees when he was first signed at the club.
At the biggest club in London, he has taken in the atmosphere of the city, including the accent no less. This makes him relatable to fans, perhaps more so than other foreign players.


– Signs of improvement


Hector had a dip towards the latter part of Wenger’s tenure, especially in his last two seasons as manager. this is in contrast to him bursting onto the scene in 14/15, and excellign in 15/16.

But since 18/19, he has been more consistent, and his injury in the latter part of that season was a setback. Since he’s returned, he’s been fair, and he can thus regain his initial form if he stays.


– Pace and integration



Cup winner vs. Villa in 2015

Hector has always been a rapid player,and his injuries haven’t really slowed him down.
In Arteta’s system, he could be important in providing width from wide and allowing wide forwards to remain inside and attack. This could enhance Pepe’s skills, and allow him to be more integrated into the play and not be isolated on the wing.


So what are the negatives?:


– Defensive awareness


Hector isn’t the best defensively.
Part of the reason for our bad defence is a collection of players who aren’t strong defensively, and cannot cover ground.

He has looked more solid lately, but then at 25, he can’t learn more and has habits that aren’t really coachable at this point.


– Inconsistency


My Player Ratings - Arsenal vs 1. FC Köln 17/18 Europa League: German Takeover | Goal Amino Amino

17/18 saw Hector dip somewhat


His time at Arsenal has been inconsistent. He had a few good seasons when he entered the side, but then in Wenger’s last two seasons he dipped.
Even individually, he has both good and bad games in a season, and if we’re to improve defensively, then we need players who can make 7 or 8 out of 10 games most weeks.


– Time against his side


Arsenal transfer rumours: PSG eye Hector Bellerin, Emiliano Martinez offer, Thomas Partey stance -

At 25, perhaps Hector needs to step up.


Hector is 25. How much more time do we give him? He may soon be our equivalent of Lingard, as in a “young” prospect when he’s not young at all.
He has had time to build on his initial potential, and how much more time do we give him on this basis?
At 25, most players are in their prime at that age, and he hasn’t hit his stride yet. At Arsenal, he isn’t really in his prime yet, and in some ways this worrying.


My overall view is that we should sell him.

Yes, he is “Arsenal through and through”. And he has improved in the past couple of years, and played well in both the FA Cup final and Community Shield wins.

However, if we can get £30-40m for him, that’s good business. I’m just sceptical over how much he can improve.
And considering we need to sell to buy, if selling Hector can help us get in Partey or somebody of his ilk, why not?

I’m not sold on Soares yet, despite his PL and Portugal national side experience. And Maitland-Niles can play at RB ably, though it may not be his preferred position.

I’ve nothing against Hector, though it’s time that we moved on, and perhaps looked at his time at the club and see that he hasn’t enhanced that readily.

And from his own standpoint, PSG could be a sound move.
He’d be a teammate of Neymar and Mbappe, and part of PSG’s drive to win the CL for the first time. Living in Paris could be a boon for him too.

So considering how things pan out, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to accept a bid for Hector. Maybe things aren’t working out as they should, in reality, and it’s time to move on.


Adios, Senor Hector? We shall see. 

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