In a Topsy Turvey Premier League an Arsenal win on the NLD can turn the season

We are currently in the midst of the eye of storm in which the results have not been great in the Premier League. Of course as you’d expect the response hasn’t been favourable towards Mikel Arteta and his team. In hindsight there is no such thing as an acceptable defeat and therefore things will always be dissected. The team selection, the formation, the game plan, the execution by the players and any individual mistakes endured. If we were to evaluate fans feeling judging by social media response immediately after the game against Wolves then yes the world is about to end. However it’s time to put some things into perspective and not shift into defcon 1 just yet.


Defcon 1 post Wolves?

Yes, the result against Wolves wasn’t favourable but as it stands the club isn’t adrift from the majority of the teams above them, a win against Wolves would have had the team merely three points behind Chelsea, a team in 3rd place who aren’t a team deemed to be in crisis. It’s a bit busy in the middle of the table and a couple of wins strung together would have us right in the mix. You just need to look how in the doldrums Manchester United looked after we beat them only a few weeks ago and how they are headed up the table now after a little run of results.

We must not forget our squad has been affected by a combination of Covid-19 infections, suspensions and injuries. Kolasinac may not be the first name fans want on the team sheet but he’s an option all the same. A manager with options is a manager with wealth. Pepe’s Europa League form gives us an indication of what he can bring to the team once he overcomes the many factors holding him back. I don’t really need to elaborate more on Thomas Partey, he is the quality we need and miss in the middle of the park. He was a big loss against Wolves; Hopefully the rumours of a longer term injury are not true.


Without Partey

We must take into account this is Mikel Arteta’s first season in charge, this is a gradual rebuild job and not an overnight fix. Okay, so the football hasn’t looked great in every game but the Spaniard has a vision and not every player at his disposal may fit into the mold to get the best out of his system. Arteta came from Manchester City with an embarrassing amount of riches; we don’t have that at Arsenal. We cannot replace a whole team in one window and so therefore the wish lists of ditching half the squad by many fans in one go just isn’t feasible. Piece by piece, window after window is the way it will be done until Mikel can get his team under his vision in place. We really need to apply some patience with regards to this. Arsenal not having an unlimited amount of funds is not a secret but a fact we have known for years. Gate receipts and the impact of Covid-19 has complicated things a bit more. Players will come in but as I alluded to it’s a gradual build of the squad in Mikel’s vision.

About that bumpy ride — Part 1. In my previous post Here it is, finally… | by Fabio Lo Cascio | Medium

Let’s not forget for most fans when Mikel was appointed we all agreed to give the manager time, we all agreed it’s not a quick fix and that it will be a bumpy ride for the next few years. Cue 10 games into the season and fans want to riot because we aren’t pushing for the title this season at this stage already. We have to have some patience and calling for the manager’s head at this stage is not the way forward.

I understand the situation Arsenal is in is not helped by the fact Spurs are sitting pretty at the top of the table. If anything it is merely the fuel feeding a greater sense of rage amongst fans. We have to look at the bigger picture, we may not be at the top of the table as we are at the start of a journey. Spurs have a team that have been improving over the years, they are doing better in the league than us but we all know how the story ends with them…Spursy.

One thing we should put into perspective is this season or should I say 2020 as a whole has upset the balance when it comes to football logic. Teams are suffering freak results left right and centre; you could honestly pinpoint a thrashing experienced by every team that makes the premier league in 2020. Until this pandemic is well and truly on the backburner should we really be judging how the football is going? Leicester just lost to Fulham at home, a team that have been the guaranteed three points secured go to team in the league. Away wins (I think currently at 44%) are more prevalent than home wins in the Premier League this season. The lack of fans have stripped a lot of the advantage that comes with being a home team and psychologically the players are not intimidated or affected by playing on another teams patch. The home defeats haven’t been great but you’d find Arsenal isn’t alone in experiencing such a record.


It can all change on Sunday

Time is a healer; things will change for the better for Arsenal Football Club. Many fans are not in the most optimistic of mental states in preparation for the North London Derby. Why can’t we go to White Hart Lane and get a result? Yes fans may return for the game but the hostile atmosphere might be the very thing to spur on (excuse the pun) and inspire the Arsenal players to turn up. Arsenal always masters the art of pulling out a win against all odds.  On paper many won’t see past a Spurs win, well paper doesn’t win matches the players on the pitch do. Watch this space. Keep the faith.

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2 Responses to In a Topsy Turvey Premier League an Arsenal win on the NLD can turn the season

  1. jjgsol December 2, 2020 at 2:08 pm #

    I doubt if many or even any fans are remotely optimistic enough to even dream that we could get anywhere near the top of the league.

    What many fans are looking for is an improvement in the style and content of the games that we play.

    So far, I doubt that too many will disagree, we have been awful this season, without a midfield or attack, scraping a couple of, usually ineffective shots at target per game and still allowing chances and letting in goals, despite the repeated suggestion that Arteta has gone a long way to remedy our defensive problems.

    The sole reason why we beat Manure was simply because they were even worse than we were.

    The suggestion that all we need ot do is have patience whilst Arteta buys in all the players he thinks he needs over a couple of years (with what money?) to transform us into a title winning team, is, frankly ,laughable and just another example of the wishful thinking and rose tinted appreciation that is plaguing so many fans.

    I certainly do not seek Arteta’s sacking, but the direction he is going at present seems to me (and many articulate and intelligent others) to be more towards the Championship than the top of the EPL.

    He needs help, which will not come from so many people telling him that he is doing fine and encouraging him to continue with his current ideas.

    I dare say he will go to the scum and park the bus, as he does against the better (and the not so better) sides and could be lucky to get a win with 2 shots on target or a penalty, whilst the scum pepper our goal and miss.

    There are genuine reasons for the disquiet spreading rapidly amongst fans. To simply ignore those reasons will be folly.

    • Dwayne Bingham December 3, 2020 at 10:19 am #

      First and foremost thank you for taking the time to respond to my article. I do totally understand the points you put forward regarding the current situation. I do however still plead with patience for the manager. Any manager we bring in needs to be given time, even if we brought the most elite manager in he would struggle. they would want their particular players in to fit their system, we cant offer the players immediately so they would have to made use of the players they have at their disposal who may not be as adaptable enough to maximise the new system. this is what Mikel is going through and any new manager would also go through the same. we need to break that potential loop and take on the chin things will be bumpy. that doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to voice our concerns and disapproval of results and performances we just have to understand and accept we are experiencing a J curve and if Mikel is the right man then we will reap the benefits in time. If we beat spurs it doesn’t mean we’ve turned a curve, the results and performances will be inconsistent for the short term future of this season for sure.

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