Reading between the lines: a translation of Arteta’s season summary

Reading between the lines

 Translating Arteta’s summary of the season:


“In the league we have two (five after Sunday) more points than last season


“Stop your bloody moaning, it’s more points than when Unai was in charge”

IMG 2139


“The fact that we don’t have a title so close to grab because we’re not in the Europa League final makes it difficult to see more positives.”


“Whatever, most the players were brought by Unai, what do you expect”



“But we were knocked out in the last-16 of the Europa League last season and a lot of things have been done that were very necessary in this season that are not related to results. But at the end of the day, we are here to win.”


“Jog on and believe in the process.”


When asked about being 3rd the league table from January to May:


“Yes, it is very good but the league is played over 38 games. But at least it shows that we are able to do it and when we have a little bit more of a normal context, more normal situations, I am very positive about what we can do, but at the end of the day we are judged on what we have done over the whole season and it is not, for sure, where we want to be


We are not The Spuds. We do not celebrate failure. Will not be bring out a video”


IMG 2143


Nothing as usual then.


“This is my job: to identify, to be very critical with myself first and then try to analyse and find out why things happened. Whether that’s negative or positive.”


“Yes, alright, Willian was crap. You were right. Don’t worry, he’s out of here”

IMG 2144


Mikel then stood up, wished everyone a good break and welcomed them all back in August.

As Mikel headed for the exit, one of the journos, at the back of the room caught Arteta’s parting words, as he mumbled them under his breath.

“Jesus, this lot are never happy, #this, #that. Still, it’s the summer holidays and I know a Spanish beach with my name on it. 

Oh – and when you see him, tell Ek, I’ll be back in June and I can’t wait to meet him…”

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