Auba’s Dilemma – Cursing Arsenal Captains Past

The summer break has arrived and Auba has decided to keep up with a bit of post season fitness.

He grabs his headphones and hits the gym. In a moment of spontaneity, he hits play on the ‘Made For You’ page in Apple Music.

As you know, the algorithms have got pretty sophisticated these day. Steve Jobs and the boys in Cupertino has therefore determined his ultimate playlist from the following;

1: PEA is the captain of Arsenal,

2: The Arsenal have not won anything this season,

3: Auba is now in his 30’s, and

4: It is that time of the year when all Arsenal captains have to face their annual quandary.


Auba starts his 30 minute warm up and the first track that plays is…….

Queen – We Are The Champions

“Well that sucks”, stutters Auba, “25 points off €ity hurts.”

Track 2 kicks in;

U2 – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, “mmm that’s gets you thinking” mumbles Auba.

Number 3 blasts out;

INXS – Never Tear Us Apart, “but the fans do love me”, Aubameyang muses.

4th cab off the rank is;

Goyte – Somebody I Used to Know, “now I wouldn’t want the fans to think of me like that”

The final track in the warm up playlist is…

The Clash, – Should I Stay or Should I Go’

PEA starts mulling things over in his head, “Yeah it makes you think, doesn’t it, WWTD?”


(What Would Thierry Do)

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