Made in Hale End – An Ode to Smith Rowe and Saka


We watch the post-match interview and we all just know

What to score and win THE Derby means to Smith Rowe

It is a warm feeling that honestly is not overblown

The sense of real pride watching one of your own


It is rarer these days, with instant success so desired

The top clubs so seldom able to show the patience required

In 20 years, we have really only had Cashley and Jack

And then like the proverbial buses we’ve had two, back-to-back


We remember how much it meant to see Rocky, Mickey T and Merson succeed

Delighting in how they defied critics, our own hopes, and expectations to exceed

To watch your own fledgling talent flourish, as a fan you are blessed

The pain too so much greater when they were sold or flew the nest

Bukayo and Emile it’s your Arsenal story to write

You have committed to us, your futures, so exciting and bright

Some say the pressure on you is too much, but I sense you’ll be fine

You have carried the weight and honour of the cannon on your chests since you were nine


We are excited for the next Arsenal chapter, cannot wait to turn the page

To have been ‘rocking’ the Emirates when you both came of age

Our hopes, like your talent, are sky high for sure

I sense you both have a future place in Gunner folklore


Future legend?

Hard not to get carried away, but this is really just the beginning

When reality also demands that to keep you both with us, our team must be winning

A manager who believes in foundations built on one evident truth

Designed for now and for our future, packed with talented youth


So, let’s enjoy these boys, their passion, energy, and verve

Pray we can win with them, which they clearly deserve

We believe in your skill, your honour we’ll defend

Because Bukayo and Emile, you are made in Hale End.

The End


Made in Hale End


** Important note for media 

There’s a strawberry blond pretender in Manchester, who’s got something you know

Perhaps he needs a press nickname – The Drongen Smith Rowe?

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