I hope you knew

I hope you knew


I hope you knew the joy watching you play gave me,

To watch you in magnificent full flight set me free.

On a Saturday I watched Henry at his consummate best

On Sunday I watched you, such talent you possessed.


We were so proud that Henry played for our team

But watching his son shine is every dad’s dream.

When Thierry scored the Highbury Faithful roared

But when you did so, my heart simply soared.

On Saturdays I saw Thierry score goals that took my breath away

On Sunday I got the same from you, goals I can still see today.


Yet scoring goals a teenager had no right to score was only part of the story

Because for you the joy came from assisting your team, not in personal glory.

Shining within the team, like our Arsenal hero, was what gave you the thrill

It made me even prouder back then and it makes me proud still.


To never again see your left foot, strike a ball, I will always regret

But I have countless golden moments I will never ever forget.

Henry gave us such joy, ‘he shoots, and he scores’

Yet the first name on my team sheet is not Thierry’s, but yours.


One of many poems written in 2020 lockdown, inspired by grief and love.

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