What to do about Nuno Tavares – stick or twist?


I’ve been watching Nuno Tavares closely in France and he’s not going to come back as a player whose weaknesses will disappear because of the role given. Still the same Nuno, threatening upfield but not safe. An asset to boost funds which is fine. An advantage of the loan system.

We have Sousa coming through the ranks + Zinchenko and KT. Nuno was a winger by trade and it’s very clear to see. Give him a specific role and he is effective. But the demand on our FB’s is high in many different aspects.

Think of it like this right, would you rather keep him, with the aim of giving more coaching and potentially utilising certain attributes to your advantage or would you sell for £25M-30M? I know which one I’m doing. Demand will be high, plenty of teams will look at him.

Can’t emphasis enough how the loan system should not just be used to ship players away into any environment. It’s about finding clubs that stylistically make sense, outside of exposure to mens football. BNC, Patino, Balogun, Tavares and Trusty. Club deserves big credit.

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2 Responses to What to do about Nuno Tavares – stick or twist?

  1. Atid October 10, 2022 at 2:12 pm #

    Arteta should sell him, if he only sees him as a defender. If he sees him as a winger then he could save us £25m.

  2. Morgan October 10, 2022 at 5:29 pm #

    i’ve also been watching him quite closely at OM and i think for their system he does the job. Still has defensive fragility’s but makes up for it in OM’s 3-4-3 system his attacking output is very good. I think a permanent move to OM would be best for all parties if he continues like this.

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