Gary, Jamie, Danny et al! – No agenda, no honestly, really, no agenda!!!

Agenda 1: Arsenal Crumble


Gary Neville, again, on the bandwagon –

“The only thing Arsenal have proven in the last few years is that they crumble at the end of the season.”

Jamie O’Hara, with his usual impartiality –

“When it comes to the last month of the season, I don’t think they’ve got the mentality to win the league.”

No preconceived bias there at all.

Agenda 2: It’s Pep’s fault

Danny Murphy (who actually is normally pretty level)

‘If they played the entire season with his usual 4-3-3 system, stopped tinkering with the back three and played with an actual left-back, Manchester City would be in control of their own destiny”

Obviously, It’s not that Arsenal are good, it’s that €ity are bad.

Agenda 3: Give a little respect to me


Gabbi Agbonlahor, forgetting he’s to old to be offended by everything-

“I didn’t like Martinelli for me, running through, empty net and he’s celebrating before he puts the ball in the back of the net.

It’s just disrespectful.”

As Justin Timberlake once said “Cry me a river”

Bring it on, we are Arsenal, we are challenging, you don’t like it,  we don’t care



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