Pundits Talking Poop (for once not all pundits): Part 103

Here we go again, pundits doing all they can do to derail The Arsenal, as per their lord and master’s instructions.

Teddy Sheringham is sticking to the spuds storybook and being more interested in Arsenal than his team from Middlesex.

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“Declan lets other players express themselves. He’s that good. I called it last summer. I knew he would be a fantastic signing for Arsenal, and I think he has transformed Arsenal from a good team into an awesome one. Hopefully he will move on to one of Real Madrid and Barcelona because he’s too good for Arsenal.”

Hey Teddy, why don’t you put your efforts into aiding your two underachieving ex-clubs to improve, rather than trying to downgrade The Arsenal to their level?

Michael Owen being, well, Michael Owen (as usual).

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“I’d now start Palmer instead of Saka. If I was Southgate, the one thing I would look at is Anthony Gordon on the left and Marcus Rashford. They would be on the mind as left-siders because I want pace in my team and both offer that. I would go with whoever is on form: start one in one group game, start another in another.‌

I don’t think you can ignore Palmer’s form and quality for any longer. He might even get player of the year, possibly the Golden Boot, and that’s in a struggling team.‌ So he’s now in my mind a must. I would play him on the right.”

Hey here’s an idea, start both and,  if you’re  demanding players be included on FORM, the only way Rashford gets on the plane is as a flight attendant.

Then there’s our old friend, Richard Keys, who, when he’s not ‘hanging out’ with Andy Grey, is spouting his usual drivel:

“Zinchenko is pointless and will cost Arsenal the league

He won’t, because he won’t play, if we don’t win the league, it will be down to Cit€h getting more points (and FFP charges).

And the top sh!te talker, Jamie O’Hara, has spent two weeks telling anyone who will listen, that the spuds must sacrifice any hopes of Champions League football and roll over against City to prevent Arsenal winning the league.


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Jamie, it must be so painful having had Arsenal living rent free in your head, for so long.

At least Troy Deeney is putting his cojones on the block and is putting forward a balanced, logical view point (for once).

IMG 8308

“I know a few Tottenham fans who have told me they would love to see Ange Postecoglou put the kids out to face Manchester City on Tuesday night, so Arsenal can’t win the league.
I have to be honest, it’s a f***ing weird take. Tottenham should WANT to help Arsenal win the title by getting a result against City. It will give themselves and everyone else hope that they can win it one day.”

I can taste the vomit in my mouth, but, here’s to The Spuds not being #Spursy next week.

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