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Wenger signed a new three-year deal in the summer

Arsene Wenger must have LEARNT from David Moyes, and should say NO to Arsenal if asked to move upstairs

I reckon it’s quite a long shot nowadays, however I was thinking about one specific question raised during last AGM about Arsène Wenger succession at the club. The person asked whether or not the club was already planning for life after Arsène Wenger, seemingly more and more plausible that the Alsatian signed his last contract […]

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Individual brilliance from Alexis but who else?

Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger should head to the Scottish Highlands in search of complementing Alexis Sanchez’s rough and wild side

Hi everyone! I’m just back from a wonderful road trip in Scotland and  I was glad I could find out that the country responsible for the birth, rise and success of Sir Alex Ferguson is also able to produce something wonderful, which is reassuring. I explored the Highlands from west to east and back, going […]

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Wenger has shown time and time again that he is partial to a project at Arsenal

Arsenal have achieved what Liverpool and Manchester United FAILED to do, but the latest Wenger project demands time

There is a word many associate to Arsène Wenger these days, that is the word “project”. First there was the Emirates Stadium project, then the (in)famous youth project, now there’s this we-will-be-competitive-again project. It seems that Arsène Wenger loves to build. I am not bothered at all with all these projects, I admired a lot […]

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Aaron Ramsey Jack Wilshere

Arsenal could REPLACE Cazorla with young Englishman on the wing thus solving the Ramsey/Wilshere dilemma

Three goals in three minutes, that was wonderful. Mesut Özil pulling a Mesutözilesque performance was wonderful, too. Also, Danny Welbeck opening his Arsenal account was wonderful. And a clean sheet, wonderful! I still have a bad taste in mouth, though. A very light one, but it’s here and there’s nothing a can do about it. […]

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ARSENE DOESN’T KNOW? Wenger unaware of Danny Welbeck signing cannot be true and here’s why

The news – or alleged news, to be more accurate – broke a couple of days after Arsenal’s announcement about Danny Welbeck: Arsène Wenger was not aware of the signing of the English forward on permanent basis. Would you believe it? I don’t. Arsène Wenger, the ultimate deus-ex-machina of the Arsenal Football Club wasn’t informed […]

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Alexis Sanchez Leicester

Arsenal could look to youth players to fill voids despite summer of upgrades

Alexis Sanchez. Mathieu Débuchy. David Ospina. Calum Chambers. Danny Welbeck. And people still brand this transfer window as terrible. I get the point that we should have added a defender in order to complete the unit, is that enough to label Arsène Wenger’s job as horrible? I don’t know what you think about it but I haven’t experienced such an […]

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Olivier Giroud 25

Arsene Wenger likely to choose AGAINST signing a NEW STRIKER and instil Yaya Sanogo or Alexis Sanchez as Arsenal’s main man

OH MY! Olivier Giroud is out for three months, we are doomed! Let’s ignore the fact that a large chunk of Arsenal supporters called him with some adorable names since the beginning of the season, asking Arsène Wenger to buy any kind of striker to replace that useless guy (I’m being very polite here), and […]

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