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Underfire Arsene Wenger has his mojo back as Mesut Ozil delivers Arsenal signal of intent

Michael Jeffares Column So Mesut Özil is a Gunner, he’s a Gunner and I get to see his debut tomorrow against Sunderland. I CANNOT WAIT. I’ve eagerly awaited some Arsenal debuts but this is certainly right up, straight in at number two, behind you know who – Dennis Bergkamp. Michael JeffaresI’m a 30 something year […]

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Lukas Podolski to return sooner than expected, Mesut Ozil to push for trophies; are things as good as they seem for Arsenal?

Michael Jeffares Column Well what a week it has been, possibly one of the biggest weeks in our recent history. You don’t need me to recap, unless you’ve been on the moon. I’ve written as much as there is to say on Mesut Ozil on my own personal blog, which you can find by clicking here. […]

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Panic buys, Flamini, Sanogo, Giroud, Champions League and Spurs; a week of madness for Arsenal

Michael Jeffares Column Welcome to this week’s bumper edition blog, I’ve so much to discuss and so little time. It’s been quite a positive few days for us after seeing a positive response to our defeat to Aston Villa and the ship has been steadied somewhat following a comprehensive victory at a drenched Fulham. Defeat […]

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Is Fulham a must-win game, is Flamini the answer and will we spend £10m a day?

Michael Jeffares Column  So, it’s just a week on from my blog on how great it was to be back to playing football again. As Olivier Giroud slotted home after six minutes and I turned and looked at my mate with the old celebratory fist pump, little did I realise I’d be heading home raging […]

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Arsenal 1 – Villa 3: Enough’s enough.

Michael Jeffares Column Well isn’t it great to be back? Fuck me, how I haven’t missed this feeling. A feeling that can only be summed up in the word ‘deflated’ I thought I’d check out deflated on the old thesaurus and it threw up the following: DrainedEmptyExhaustedSagging There you have it, Arsène Wenger’s recent reign […]

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Premier League Eve: Are You Excited?

Michael Jeffares Column So, it’s finally here – PREMIER LEAGUE EVE. Aren’t you excited?  Forget about the ridiculously circumstances off the field just for a moment and concentrate on your match day experience. I’ve missed football and I need it back – win, lose or draw. The experience of a football game is unrivalled for […]

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Spend some money! Moneybags Arsene Wenger should leave Arsenal

Michael Jeffares Column So here we are with eight days to go before the season and we are all praying for the massive influx of players that we need in order to compete. Despite the fact last season finished a mere 86 days ago our squad has not been strengthened, in fact, if anything, it […]

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A goalkeeper, a defensive midfielder, and a striker for Arsenal this transfer window

Michael Jeffares Column Here was me thinking back in May, how can I possibly do a weekly column throughout the summer but here we are two weeks before the season and I’m still standing. Now, given the fact we are 15 days from the beginning of yet another Premier League season, you’d think it would […]

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Arsenal risk missing out on Luis Suarez if they play hardball with Liverpool

Michael Jeffares Column It feels like an eternity ago that I wrote my anti-Luis Suarez blog given the twists and turns that have gone on since then. Now, my views on Suarez have not changed but sadly (for me) I have to wise up to the fact that this signing could very well become reality. For […]

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Luis Suarez to Arsenal? NO THANK YOU!

Michael Jeffares Column Well, what a welcome relief it has been to see Arsenal back in action. No more rumours, concentrating solely on performances on the field and we have won back to back games away from home. Sadly that is not reality, nor is it September. The rumour mill is now in full on […]

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