Spend some money! Moneybags Arsene Wenger should leave Arsenal

So here we are
with eight days to go before the season and we are all praying for the massive
influx of players that we need in order to compete. Despite the fact last
season finished a mere 86 days ago our squad has not been strengthened, in
fact, if anything, it is weaker and I for one think it’s absolute disgrace the
way we’ve handled this summer so far.

appreciate the #patience squad will go crackers but I couldn’t care less. The
last time we left it late with signings we got Park, Santos, Benayoun (on
loan), Arteta and Mertesacker, in a supermarket sweep type transfer swoop. As
with Supermarket Sweep, some of the inflatables were good and some not so good
but let’s be honest it was more a case of luck than actual detailed scouting. 
season was supposed to be the one where consistency reigns supreme and we catch
Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United. The summer were we flex our
financial muscles and dine at the top table of footballing transfers. Does
anyone actual believe this utter nonsense they are filling us with? Is there
anyone out there that thinks we are in stronger position than we were at the
end of last season? Is it worth considering at present that despite the fact we
only clinched fourth by one solitary our near neighbours have
strengthened their squad? Look at the potential Capoue deal, they
don’t really need him given the fact they have Paulinho, Sandro and Dembele but
they are savvy to remember that since Sandro got injured they fell to bits, so
instead of having to rely on the utterly hopeless Parker, they have better
squad players, something we haven’t yet achieved, like I said, we are worse off.
we get onto the great hope of the summer – Luis Suarez. I stand by my comment
that I don’t want him but the deal itself is massive for the club. It will be
the action to the words spoken by Gazidis. As I write the news is breaking that
Liverpool’s owner Henry has said:
“We are
not going to sell Luis. I’m unequivocal that we won’t sell to Arsenal, what
ever the bid is. It’s a football reason” 

football reasons you say. The same footballing reasons we’ve been flogging our
stars for the last few years. Robin van Persie, the player we are still trying
to replace, was sold for that exact reason. I’ve had enough of it. 
focus of this blog was going to be on the fact that I don’t trust out club to
get deals done and they continue to prove me right, I hate it. Get the players
we need, get the buzz going in the club again, the players want signings but we
are left clutching to every rumour possible. Cesc, Rooney and Suarez have all
been mentioned, do any of you actually believe we’ll sign these players now? We
can’t even flat track bully a team that finish 7th because they worried they’ll
not get anywhere near 4th. We finished 3rd when we had van Persie for his last
season and accepted that we could probably slip a place which keeps us with our
sole objective for the season. It stinks. Here we are a club that says it’s
prepared to obliterate our transfer record but we will become the laughing
stock yet again. Other clubs are just stronger than ours when it comes to
negotiating, even flipping Levy has Madrid contemplating 85m bids for Bale. If
we had Bale we’d shit ourselves if a side bid 40m, imagine the stadium debt we
could pay off. 

I’m just disappointed that yet again I fell for the false promises and before people say there’s still a month to go, we get drawn against our Champions League opponent today (made before the blog goes live) and the squad has to be registered by Monday lunchtime. The season doesn’t wait for the window to close. Sensible clubs get the players that they need and get them ready for the start of the season. We have a trialist in the form of Sebastian Perez, two seconds whilst I jog down to the armoury an clamour for his name on my shirt. Don’t worry though Gazidis has it all in hand, he was that focused that he even managed to take his Mrs on our Asian Tour. However, Gazidis probably isn’t the real villain here, we all know it’s Wenger. He’s overthought things again and he’s clutching to our fantastic end to the season a run which saw us beat: Swansea (A)Reading (H)WBA (A)Norwich (H)Fulham (A)QPR (A)Wigan (H)Newcastle (A) Just look at that list and tell me how many teams we are expected to beat, we aren’t ripping up any trees. It was the circumstances of the results that were pleasing, not the actual performances. The team had me physically shaking with nerves at The Hawthorns, they’d infected me with fourthitis. Let’s not remind Arsene that we took two points from eighteen against the top three, let’s not mention the debacle against Bradford or Blackburn, the shambles against Schalke which landed us with the tie against Bayern. We aren’t that good and I’m glad to see some fans recognise that fact but sadly the club do not. 

We moved to stadium to compete and we are pissing around and one day we’ll fuck this all up and finish outside the top four and I doubt very much that we’d take the stance Liverpool have taken tonight. I have shelled out the best part of 1k for the club to do nothing other than swell their pockets yet again. This doesn’t entitle me to more of any opinion that anyone else but for me I travel 550 miles round trip to our matches and I’m doing the first three league games, just a mere 1650 miles to watch the club I love and sadly it seems to be falling apart and there’s nothing I nor anyone else can do about it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want any brownies points for the travelling but when my club has money at its disposal and we don’t utilise it ahead of a season, then someone is accountable and if that someone has less than a year to go on his deal, then I’m afraid that someone needs to be let go.


9 Responses to Spend some money! Moneybags Arsene Wenger should leave Arsenal

  1. Ian Hawthorne August 9, 2013 at 1:15 pm #

    I too travel 150 miles for every home match mate and agree with every single word you are saying. Unfortunately the club I love does not feel the same way about it’s fans. And it’s OUR money they are NOT spending. It saddens me and really pisses me off.
    But I am and always will be a gooner and will still go to every match and by doing so i piss myself off

    • Michael Jeffares August 11, 2013 at 8:55 am #

      I totally agree, I cannot wait for next week, just to be with my people again. It’s a great feeling. Sadly I used to feel connected to the club but in reality I feel a connection with the badge and the club have created that.

  2. August 9, 2013 at 2:20 pm #

    im frustrated as just as much as every arsenal fan but i dont beleive the blame is solely on arsene wenger, is everyone forgetting that silent stan is the one that sanctions all transfers ???? he is purely motivated by money and what worries me the most is that i dont beleive that he is going to sell his stake any time soon, can you imagine the damage he could do to our beloved club, capou is a goodplayer and just what we need in midfield and wont cost to much, williams in defence also wont cost too much and suarez which would cost a combined 70 million and with the sales of the players we have already sold a good winger and i think we will be title contenders and i dont think all this is too much to ask considering the amount of money in the bank in which us loyal fans have paid for

    • Michael Jeffares August 11, 2013 at 8:54 am #

      Gazidis has said we have money to spend though, so surely that is sanctioned by SK? Although you are right in the fact that it wont be his money that we are spending. Players like Williams and Capoue are clearly not good enough for us, whilst I pine for signings I don’t want the panic buys again. If you look at DM we have been linked with Bender, Gustavo and Fellaini, all of whom are better than Capoue. One day we’ll see a return for our cash but I can’t see it with Wenger in charge. Our next manager is going to have an awful lot of cash at his disposal.

  3. Giddy Akendo August 9, 2013 at 2:47 pm #

    Arsene Wenger is one of the most successful manager in history but with self destructive button. Ruining his image!

    • Michael Jeffares August 11, 2013 at 8:51 am #

      He certainly is, I think the post at PSG awaits Arsene.

  4. Giddy Akendo August 9, 2013 at 2:47 pm #

    Arsene Wenger is one of the most successful manager in history but with self destructive button. Ruining his image!

  5. August 10, 2013 at 2:41 pm #


  6. Studio7group August 12, 2013 at 11:29 am #

    So because Arsenal has the cash to splash into players, Arsene should go on spending spree, like £50m for a player… Hope you lads that I will not find any of your post or comments about others team spending big on players that are not worth it because you ll get slammed right away.

    There is a bunch of fans who should be blame and leave that club, The club has made bid for players, some for £40m something that never been done in the Arsenal history, something that you lot cried about last season and before and you still shot the Alsacien in the legs.

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