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Celebrating dodging the Brexit Bullet

Post-Brexit Arsenal may find themselves in a relegation battle…

30th February, 2021 In an effort to curtail the steady flow of undesirables into a decidedly fragile English society – the post-no-deal-Brexit Immigration Police painted themselves into an unfortunate corner. Their Zero-Tolerance immigration policy meant that the Premier League could only use English players. Foreign players didn’t satisfy the Nigel Farage Only-Seventh-Generation-Brits-Are-Actual-Brits Law, which President […]

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The North London Derby must be BANNED!

The North London Derby Must Be BANNED! Remember, Remember…..Don’t Mention the N Word Come on, admit it, you’re bricking it aren’t you? The North London Derby; a fixture that has given us all some of the greatest memories of our Arsenal-supporting lives, as well as some of the most gut-wrenchingly painful ones. Win the game, […]

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John Barnes sets the record straight regarding Brexit…

John Barnes backs Remain after revealing he was “misrepresented” as supporting Vote Leave Former England and Liverpool winger, John Barnes has publicly backed Remain after revealing that he was “misrepresented” as a supporter of Vote Leave, adding that he “made it clear” to Michael Gove’s campaign that he did not want Britain to leave the […]

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Beckham lines one up
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Brexit Looming: Which Way does Beckham Bend?

Immediate Release David Beckham backs Remain David Beckham has today announced he will be voting to Remain in Europe on Thursday. David Beckham said: “I’m passionate about my country and whatever the result of Thursday’s referendum, we will always be Great.  Each side has the right to their opinion and that should always be respected […]

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Brexit and hot sweaty balls

Having been back in England for the past two weeks, I’ve been a bit more immersed in the the media culture of the motherland and I have come away with a few observations: 1 – According to the media and Twitter, Jamie Vardy has gone from being a top class, must have striker, to an […]

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