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Nice action shot of Woodcock bringing the ball down

Arsenal’s original ‘Fox-in-the-box” – Highbury Hero Tony Woodcock

I’m setting the dial on the time machine back to the early 1980’s. When The Arsenal swooped to bring an England striker back to good old Blighty after three years plying his trade in Cologne, Germany. He went on to be our top league goalscorer for the four seasons he spent with us. This week’s […]

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The Gargantuan Piss Wizard

The Outsiders Expert and Not so Expert View on Arsene Wenger as Arsenal Manager Exclusive

From the outside looking in A growing section of the Arsenal fan base are revolting. Some agree. Some agree with the sentiment, but disagree with the method. Some just disagree.   And then are those who have an ‘informed’ view. “I know the Arsenal fans are passionate but I don’t like the way some of […]

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Mickey Mouse or Mickey Momentum?

The League Cup for Arsene/Arsenal – Mickey Mouse or Mickey Momentum?

A quick look at my Twitter time line yesterday informed me, without reading the press, that Arsenal fans were debating whether the League Cup is a major trophy, aggrieved at the press praising Man United and Mourinho. The phrase ‘Mickey Mouse Trophy’ is being aired of course, by bitter Arsenal supporters jealous of United’s day […]

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From Shattering Disappointment to Arsenal Fan Power Dismissing Manager – The Terry Neill Years 1979-83 Part 2

I left you will Terry’s first tastes of glory and Arsenal’s first in 8 years in Part 1 and the story continues…… 1979-80 remains for me the most heart-breaking season Arsenal have ever had. A season that promised so much, yet we ended up with nothing. A gruelling marathon of a season where we played no […]

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Arsenal have a history of ‘WOW’ Signings but who will be the next to WOW us?

I felt the urge to write about the signings The Arsenal have made that really made all Arsenal fans & the media sit up and take notice. The big signings that had that wow factor. There were some before my time such as Charlie Buchan, David Jack, Alex James and Bryn Jones. Also George Eastham, […]

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O Feo, O Feo, Wherefore Art Thou Feo? The Walcott tragedy unfolds…

O Romeo, O Romeo, Wherefore Art Thou Romeo? This famous line is uttered by Juliet, in Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, to herself in a state of dichotomy – she loves a man who she must not because of his lineage; a rival family.  Why does he have to be Romeo?  If he was anyone else, […]

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Memory Lane: The days of Champagne Charlie

Everybody loves a reminisce every now and then. Here at WTTGT we love nothing more than a glorified twinkle of the brain, so today we launch Deano’s Memoires, brought to you by our latest talent, Dean Scott. The Arsenal die hard of 37 years will pour out his thoughts weekly into the WTTGT font of […]

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