The Outsiders Expert and Not so Expert View on Arsene Wenger as Arsenal Manager Exclusive

Experts or Not views on Wenger’s tenure

From the outside looking in

A growing section of the Arsenal fan base are revolting.

Some agree.

Some agree with the sentiment, but disagree with the method.

Some just disagree.


And then are those who have an ‘informed’ view.

“I know the Arsenal fans are passionate but I don’t like the way some of them treat Arsene Wenger. Football’s crazy, isn’t it? I wouldn’t dream of going to the dentist and telling him what to do or shouting abuse at my plumber.”

Lincoln boss Danny Cowley


“He has earned the right to decide when to leave.”


Champagne Charlie

“I think if he announced today or tomorrow that he was stepping down at the end of the season he would then be revered as the legend he is at the football club. That toxic atmosphere would be taken away in a heartbeat and it would help the team because the atmosphere would completely change at the Emirates.”



“He’s such an intelligent man and he can only take so much. He cares for the club; he lives his life for the football club and has done for two decades now. He’s such an honourable man; he’s never going to walk away from the club – you won’t find that – so there are big decisions to be made.”

Bob Wilson


“The manager gets the blame all the time, but at the same time he’s getting let down by his players when they capitulate like that. They have got to perform and stop letting him down. I think the time has come for change, but not just the manager – change the players. I don’t think some of the players are good enough to play for Arsenal.”



“Carry on this way for much longer and they will have to begin mentioning a new annual event in pocket diaries. February festival days. Shrove Tuesday. Valentine’s Day. Arsenal out of the Champions League day.”


Martin ‘Fat Boy’ Samuel


“I’d have quit years ago if it wasn’t for Piers Morgan. Contributing to the continued unhappiness of such a gargantuan piss wizard is my finest footballing achievement.”


Arsene Wenger (allegedly)


“Arsene Wenger is abusing my human rights as an Arsenal fan”


The Gargantuan Piss Wizard


Ok, so not external view are informed views


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