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Arsenal – We are Going Backwards (according to Depeche Mode!!)

Going Backwards? I know the original is a song many won’t know, by Depeche Mode (most underrated band on the planet), but the sentiment is spot on.   We are not there yet We have not evolved We have no respect We have lost control We’re going backwards Stan is Ignoring the realities Going backwards Stan, […]

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Remember to Support The Arsenal through ‘thick and thin’ as Class is Permanent

Glory hunters? Yes, most of us are down at the state of our club at the moment. Still, I’ve seen and read a lot of interesting comments lately. Maybe it’s just me, but then they are things I take issue with. Namely, that fans “won’t support the club again” if we don’t improve. Or “they […]

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Moaning Maureen, Running Scared? Mourinho “The Mouth” spouts off again.

Moaning Maureen, Running Scared? He’s been quiet all summer and suddenly he’s back with a bang. Following his bare faced cheek of a rant regarding ‘clubs buying the title’, Maureen has poked the simmering fire between Wenger and himself by claiming that Arsenal have spent shedloads of money and Wenger’s position should be judged on […]

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