Moaning Maureen, Running Scared? Mourinho “The Mouth” spouts off again.

Moaning Maureen, Running Scared?

He’s been quiet all summer and suddenly he’s back with a bang.
Following his bare faced cheek of a rant regarding ‘clubs buying the title’, Maureen has poked the simmering fire between Wenger and himself by claiming that Arsenal have spent shedloads of money and Wenger’s position should be judged on winning titles.

Maureen is quoted as saying

‘If you add up the the amounts they have spent over the past 3-4 seasons, you would be in for a surprise. If you put Ozil, Alexis, Chambers and Debuchy, you may well find a surprise’.


Over the past 4 (full) seasons The Chavs have spent a total of £404 million.
In the same period The Arsenal have spent £243 million.
If you equate that against points earned;
The Chavs have gained 1 point for every £1.3m spent; and
Arsenal have 1 point for every £0.8m.
Domestically, for that £404 million, Chelsea have won 1 title, but also finished 6th, won 1 FA Cup and 1 Milk Cup.
In the same period, Arsene has brought home 2 FA Cups and stayed in the top four, despite the financial restrictions and above the clubs expectations and minimum requirements.

We might have not the league since ’04, but we have world class stadium, we fund ourselves, we won’t be the best part of a billion in debt when our sugar daddy gets bored and buggers off back to Siberia, we have a board and owner who respect our manager and we have class.


All things Maureen can only dream of.

I know who got the better deal for the outlay and deep down Maureen knows too.

On top of the money;
He’s whinging about the size of Stamford bridge.
He’s whinging his best players not being protected, and
He won’t stop whinging about us now having the best keeper in the league.

Petr Cech

Maureen is obviously getting worried for his position, the Scousers and both the Manc’s are spending big and we now have the money and are investing it wisely.
He knows that there are 5 clubs vying for the title,
He knows that at least one will end up playing Europa League in 2016, and
He knows from experience, how little patience Abramovich has for the non deliverers.

Looks like he’s already running scared and trying to get the mind games in early.

The difference now is Arsene has the team to shut up Maureen.

Shut up

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2 Responses to Moaning Maureen, Running Scared? Mourinho “The Mouth” spouts off again.

  1. Astro July 29, 2015 at 5:30 pm #

    mou knows that their wouldn’t b money available to him in 3 years time because of d upgrade that would soon comments at Stanford bridge and also there is no super/blank cheque to pay players d way he love doing that y he started d mind game on time n singling Wenger out since he knows d British press r anti-wenger n like reporting any thing negative about Asrenal.

  2. abiola July 29, 2015 at 5:40 pm #

    i think the guy needs a sound media manager bcs it is obvious that he doesn’t have morals

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