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If that was the past: New Arsenal succeeds where Old would have failed [CRY 0-2 ARS]

If that was the past POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES  Before the game started I was really looking forward to simply watching my team.  I’ve been bragging about the ‘new Arsenal’ to many people and told them to tune in. I desperately wanted Arsenal to show my friends and the world that they have changed.  The […]

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Perky Arsenal to kick off new season in tricky Palace fixture (Match Preview)

  Its finally here, the football season kicks off tonight as we face off against Crystal Palace. After what seems like an age from when we last kicked off against Everton on the 22nd May the football is back. The new shirts are now released; squad numbers have shuffled about, pre season games completed and […]

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Brought back from the brink: Granit Xhaka’s miraculous transformation from outcast to linchpin

Since signing for Arsenal in 2016, Granit Xhaka has been a polarising figure for Arsenal fans. From literally picking his nose as Watford scored a goal back in 2017, to his ability to score goals at long range, to being praised for recent performances, Xhaka is an interesting and perhaps misunderstood player. Some Arsenal supporters […]

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The Players, The Club, but not The Coach will now be the focus – #CPFC1AFC1

The Players, The Club, but not The Coach Positives, Needs and Hopes At the beginning of the Arteta reign I wrote a blog about where the improvement would take us. I felt and still feel that although the improvement gives us great hope, a decent portion of it is simply taking us back to neutral. […]

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Arsenal 2-2 Crystal Palace: ‘The Unnecessary Self Destruction of Unai Emery’

‘The Unnecessary Self Destruction of Unai Emery’ I wonder if anyone in Unai Emery’s circle will ever sit him down and tell him the truth. As and when he leaves Arsenal somebody needs to tell him that he blew up his own birthday party. Last Spring many wanted a rest from Arsenal. In a short […]

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Arsenal 2-3 Crystal Palace – Emery schooled by Grandpa Roy as Gunners trip in Top 4 chase [Review + Player Ratings]

Arsenal 2-3 Crystal Palace Premier League Review     Our top four hopes have been dented, and in some ways shattered. Roy Hodgson has proven he’s no dead/joke manager since his game plan worked a treat. And despite Manchester United and Spurs losing, we couldn’t capitalise on their failures. We failed just as much. This […]

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Arsenal 2-3 Crystal Palace: The £100 Million Upgrade On Show at Emirates [Positive Needs & Hopes]

‘THE £100 MILLION UPGRADE’ Positives, Needs and Hopes I’ve decided to not cause myself any further pain. It would be super easy to go in two footed on that selection and performance but no doubt you’ve read that over and over already as it’s 35 minutes after the final whistle and that’s all I’ve read. […]

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Three Decisive Moments Halt Gunners’ Winning Streak (Positives, Needs and Hopes)

3 decisive moments…. Positives, Needs and Hopes Well, that wasn’t easy but that’s good for us. Will help us prepare for more difficult games. Three decisive moments decided the outcome. Mr. Rash had obviously been missing his close relationship with the grass and so decided to make a visit via whacking Kouyate. How long will […]

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Arsenal, post-Alexit: Midfield Balance, Attacking Fluidity, Team Harmony Restored (Hopefully)

Hello dear readers and patrons of Gunnerstown! What a time to be back and alive in the Arsenal blogosphere. I would wish to explain away my absence due to a couple of life-changing academic examinations that I had to undertake in the past few months, as well as the dire straits of Arsenal Football Club […]

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Will we finally see Jack and Rambo start together? – The Welshman is key to revive Lacazette!

It seems not so long ago we have played Palace away in that crazy 3-2 win … And indeed it wasn’t that long ago, just a day over three weeks back. You do get those reverse fixtures around New Year. Chelsea, for instance, are facing Brighton for the second time in a matter of weeks. […]

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