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It’s official, aliens have abducted Adrian Durham – TalkSport take action!

The management team at TalkSport have had to sack Adrian Durham, after it came to light that he had been abducted by aliens and replaced by a shape shifter from Rigel 7. Live on air, ‘Durham’ announced that; “Not enough is being said about Arsenal. It’s about time I gave Arsenal some credit!” At this […]

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Odegaard and Saka – Best on-pitch telepathy since Dennis and Freddie!

Let’s be honest, other than a slightly less than exemplary defensive showing by Arsenal at Watford it was as fluid and exciting at times as we have seen the attacking play under Arteta. There is so much to be happy about, not least the fact that the Gunners now sit fourth, with 3, yes, 2 […]

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The Five Stages of Grief; Me, Myself and I to Comfortably Numb

It’s been an emotional few weeks and my advice is to find some music to work your way through the 5 stages of grief until the six pointer against Norwich in two weeks time. 1. Denial and Isolation – Me, Myself and I – De La Soul   When denial kicks in, everything loses meaning, […]

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A Sneak Peek at the Technique of what Arsenal seek in Donny van de Beek

With Gabriel set to be announced as an Arsenal player soon, we must now focus on strengthening our midfield. Currently, we lack essential attributes that will allow us to play Arteta’s favoured 4-3-3 system. Hopefully we manage to acquire the services of Thomas Partey as he would  provide us with attributes we currently lack, such […]

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Trust Mikel and Edu, the new Custodians, to sell what it means ‘To Play for The Arsenal’

Surely, even in modern football, it can be about tradition, history, previous glory and a desire to return to those times. Can’t it? Please tell me it can, or the game truly has gone to hell in a hand cart, as the old saying goes. Now is such a time for the new dynamic duo […]

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442 Diamond Today – Torreira MUST play the anchor role and Ozil in his – Saints Preview

    After the international break, we’re back with a home game vs. Southampton. England and Wales, amongst the four UK sides, have qualified for Euro 2020 outright. Can we get the win here, in our hope to qualify for another competition commencing in 2020 (Champions League)? If we can, it’s dependent on our tactics, […]

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‘Kroenke is our Gillet and Hicks’ – The Long Summer is underway, and it’s going to sting

And so months of endless navel gazing and pontificating begins. If, like me, you’re a fan of HBO’s Game of Thrones and thought the much anticipated “Long Night” foreshadowed in the show ended up being something entirely anti-climatic, I can promise you as an Arsenal fan that this summer is going to be the complete opposite. It’s […]

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Wenger, Vieira, KSE, Tottenham is ‘Sh’t’ and more – An Audience with David Dein

Last week, I was fortunate and grateful receive an invite to an event at DWF hosted by Tom Mungovan @tvanmungo, at which David Dein was the guest speaker.   Thought I’d share a thread with some of the key highlights – and there were many – David is an absolute gentleman and hugely visionary and engaging character […]

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A little ditty ’bout Mezut Ozil

  A little ditty ’bout Mezut Ozil   A little ditty ’bout young Mezut Ozil Who played up front Germany when they destroyed Brazil He came to Arsenal to be a football star He left Madrid where he’d come so far At his best, he is a master magician Whose sublime vision lays waste to […]

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Arsenal's manager Bruce Rioch poses with 29 year old David Platt wearing an Arsenal shirt. Platt, who has played for Sampdoria for the past four years, joined Arsenal in a œ4.75 million poind move. Platt jumped at Arsenal's offer when Rioch made it clear how much he was wanted at Highbury.

A New Era at Arsenal – Bruce Rioch ushered in the era but Arsene Wenger was the man to benefit

PART 2   In part 1, I examined the case as to what Rioch offered Arsenal, and the effects his short tenure had on the club. Bruce Rioch, whilst born in England, was a Scottish international player and captain, having captained his country in the 1978 World Cup (the “Gemmill” World Cup).   He played […]

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