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It is Edu’s Inexperience at the root of he problems at Arsenal – Arteta is not blameless but needs better tools

It is depressing writing and talking about the current state of things at Arsenal, a manifestation of years of neglect and lack of leadership, if you like, direction on and off the pitch. It has not a palatable admittance that Arsenal’s recent performances has been part of different factors that throws a spanner into the […]

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Who cares about Monchi? I do, for one. because in modern football Arsenal need a Technical Director

  By now, most nay all know that Monchi, or Ramon Rodriguez Verdejo to quote his full name, is going back to Sevilla and won’t be coming to us. But then the change in attention to this, from a few decades ago, is stark. Back then, we would not have cared about appointments like this. […]

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Gooner Legend

The Top 10 Directors of Football Arsene Wenger does not want to work with!!

Recently there has been lots of talk from Ivan Gazidis about change coming at Arsenal, with one of the changes suggested, Dick Law being replaced by a big name Director of Football. There have been many names linked with the job so I go through 10 in no order who could help Arsenal should they […]

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Out of touch, out of time.

“Judge Me in May”: Out of Touch, Out of Time. Wenger Out.

So rumours say that Arsenal have approached Michael Zorc of Borussia Dortmund to become our new coach. Apparently at the request of Gazidis. You may recall that he said that we had reached a catalyst for change. We could not go on as we had this year. Apparently Wenger would then move upstairs. Unfortunately no […]

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2 more years

Kroenke’s Plan is not Wenger Out or Wenger in but Wenger ‘Reboot’!

Reboot Computer With ‘Wenger Out’ banners now being displayed at such obscure matches as New Zealand vs Fiji, The debate has now been pushed out to a worldwide audience. (Ok, there was only 500 at the game in Wellington, but it made national news) Nevertheless, there now appears to be two likely scenarios that may […]

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