Kroenke’s Plan is not Wenger Out or Wenger in but Wenger ‘Reboot’!

Reboot Computer

With ‘Wenger Out’ banners now being displayed at such obscure matches as New Zealand vs Fiji,

The debate has now been pushed out to a worldwide audience. (Ok, there was only 500 at the game in Wellington, but it made national news)

Nevertheless, there now appears to be two likely scenarios that may come to fruition in May.

Scenario 1 – The Wenger Out brigade get their way, Arsene throws the towel in and walks away after 21 years


Scenario 2 – Wenger stays and gets 1 year to reboot the system for a new guy in 2018


Now I am not professing to know which would resolve our current predicament, I am just putting forward the alternative facts for the two possible future realities for The Arsenal.



Having spoken to some non-Arsenal fans, this is their preferred option.

Arsene is so intrinsic to Arsenal and if he goes, the new man has to start from the bottom up, building a new back room staff, a new ethos and a new squad.

This takes time (and money) and relies on fan patience, something that many fans do not have at present.

History shows us that a clean break of manager after such a long tenure is not always successful. Anyone remember Fergie to Moyes?!

A clean break could put us out of contention for 2 to 3 years and given the current climate and the opposition to the top four, could put us out of contention for a lot longer.



Come May, Arsene may opt for the 1 / 2-year deal on the table. By taking this option, Arsene could then take the opportunity to ‘reboot the computer’.

Allowing him to oversee the transition, replace the team that has already jumped ship, assist in the hiring of the new guy and get in the much needed ‘Director of Football’ to sit in between the manager and the board (the long overdue replacement to David Dein)

This could enable Wenger to then move upstairs with a relationship with the new manager and not be seen as the ‘meddling old guy’ still trying to keep control from the penthouse office.

My money reckons Kroenke likes a ‘reboot’

In, out, in, out, please just sort it out

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