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So Allegri is favourite but have Arsenal really ruled out the Impressive CV of Brendan Rogers – Endorsed by Stevie G?

Well, “the King is dead, long live the King”. The phrase that is well known when the Monarch dies and a new one takes his place. Unlike the replacement of a monarch, in our case, there will be no death to trigger the replacement or no election to replace him.  Instead Kroenke, the King maker […]

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D-d-d-d-d-danny Welbeck shines bright as lifeless Cherries are swept aside

Well, that went a bit better, didn’t it? A convincing win at home, some breathtaking football and a clean sheet on top. Yummy. Of course we have to take a toothless Bournemouth into account. Eddie Howe’s side offered precious little and at one point the commentator said it was probably the worst he has seen […]

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Jack's Back

Wilshere may not be the Answer to All Arsenal’s Problems but he certainly does to add to them

My 7-month stint writing for weekly for Football London is over and my house move is behind me so you will hearing more from me back here on GT.  There are a few subjects on my mind, most of which have been discussed ad infinitum so the end of the summer transfer window closed to […]

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Jack back on Track?

Is Jack Back on Track? – Exclusive Bournemouth Insider View

Given the fixture this Sunday I thought it would be timely to catch up with a Bournemouth die-hard with no agenda to find out how our prodigal son Jack Wilshere is really doing. I got some time with Steve at Cherries site ‘Tales from the South End’ a renowned AFC Bournemouth blogger. First a bit […]

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A Curious Case indeed

The Weight of Expectation or being overweight? – The Curious Case of Jack Wilshere

What do you need to do to make the fans of a club love you? 1) Be a mercurial talent such as Ozil or Alexis 2) Mock your rivals on social media the way Poldi did Well what if you are both and a product of the club’s academy? Well, obviously the fans will go […]

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Spy in the camp

Dry your eyes, Jack – There’s Plenty more clubs by the Sea!

In one single moment his whole life got turned around, he stands there for a minute staring straight into the ground. Looking to the left slightly then looking back down, his world feels like its caved in, proper sorry frown. “Please let me show you how I can make this work for us, I can  […]

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Improves us in 2 positions

Players in, players out, what’s it all about? & Koscielny Improves Arsenal in 2 positions

Two weeks later than we had all hoped, our season finally started at Vicarage Road last Saturday. An impressive attacking display, consisting of both pace and purpose during the first forty five minutes, ensured that we went in to the interval, three goals to the good. With the points practically secured during the first half, […]

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Top Coaching talent in Eddie Howe

Cherries feeling Confident but Arsenal to finish on top

Boxing Day was a huge reality check for the players and the manager as it came immediately after the highs of the win over Manchester City. The 4-0 drubbing at Southampton was not what you’d expect from title favourites but fortunately for Arsenal, just about any team in the league looks capable of taking a […]

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