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Waiting for the Kraken to be announced on Manic Monday – Arsenal Transfer Rumour Round-up

2 days and counting. AMN, Balogan, Mari, Kola, Chambers have departed to pastures new either permanently or a “try before buy” basis. Eddie is likely off to N€wcastle. Auba is expected to arrive LATE  on Monday at Barca or Juve. The first team squad as is stands, is at 19, baring red cards, Covid or […]

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A Blueprint for Arsenal’s 2021/22 Summer Rebuild – Part Two

The second step to any successful rebuild is identifying the areas of the squad that need improving and bringing in the correct personnel in order to do so. For Arsenal, this hasn’t always been straight forward, for a number of reasons. Although large sums have been spent, investment has often been put into positions that […]

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Pepe-Le-Pew and Will-I-Ain’t – Cementing their cause to be Season-Long Benchwarmers?

I generally don’t go along with singling out players, but at 1am this morning I was just astounded by the total ineptitude of the two GINOs. ‘Gunners in name only’, Pepe-Le-Pew and Will-I-Ain’t have further cemented their cause as season long bench warmers. Another stinker from the Ivorian and a no show by the Brazilian, […]

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It is Edu’s Inexperience at the root of he problems at Arsenal – Arteta is not blameless but needs better tools

It is depressing writing and talking about the current state of things at Arsenal, a manifestation of years of neglect and lack of leadership, if you like, direction on and off the pitch. It has not a palatable admittance that Arsenal’s recent performances has been part of different factors that throws a spanner into the […]

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Trust Mikel and Edu, the new Custodians, to sell what it means ‘To Play for The Arsenal’

Surely, even in modern football, it can be about tradition, history, previous glory and a desire to return to those times. Can’t it? Please tell me it can, or the game truly has gone to hell in a hand cart, as the old saying goes. Now is such a time for the new dynamic duo […]

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The Arsenal Fans Demand Answers- An Agitated Q&A with Messrs Sanhelli, Venketasham and Gaspar

I attended the Arsenal Q&A at the Emirates Stadium on the 25th July 2019 – largely since I wanted to see first-hand what Messrs. Sanhelli and Venketasham had to say concerning the club’s direction, strategy and vision.     I applied via the Arsenal Supporters Trust (AST) and after some train disruption due to the […]

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