Pepe-Le-Pew and Will-I-Ain’t – Cementing their cause to be Season-Long Benchwarmers?

I generally don’t go along with singling out players, but at 1am this morning I was just astounded by the total ineptitude of the two GINOs.

‘Gunners in name only’, Pepe-Le-Pew and Will-I-Ain’t have further cemented their cause as season long bench warmers.


Another stinker from the Ivorian and a no show by the Brazilian, basically showed how much the kids now run the attacking midfield show and this was further exasperated by Saka’s instant impact when he entered stage left.

From watching the game, I can’t recall a forward pass from Willian and every time he received the ball, play slowed down or went into reverse, as his first instinct appeared to be ‘pass the responsibility to someone else’.
His stats back up this damming observation:

48 touches
90% pass accuracy
10 times he lost possession
1 key pass
1 foul conceded
0 shots on target
0 dribbles completed
0 crosses completed
0 fouls won
0 long balls completed

And he was playing the number 10 role, apparently

Pepe faired no better.
One trick pony, which just doesn’t work.
1. Receive a pass to run onto down the right wing
2. Run just past the full back, hopefully with the ball
3. Cut back inside onto your left foot
4. Stumble, lose the ball
5. Rinse and repeat


£72 mil, 18 months and that’s it.

When the teenage kicks return in the week and we beat Southampton, Mikel and Edu have to make a serious decision.

We either hope that Saka & ESR stay injury free until May or we somehow cut our loses and try and hoodwink someone into buying them and somehow find replacements.

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3 Responses to Pepe-Le-Pew and Will-I-Ain’t – Cementing their cause to be Season-Long Benchwarmers?

  1. Marc January 24, 2021 at 11:01 am #

    Pepe was our best player by a wide margin and the only one who looked like he could create something.

    5 chances created vs 3 for the rest of the team.

    3 tackles joint 2nd on the team.

    He did have a horrid free kick and so poor corners but was lively and should have had an assist on the ball to Nketiah and another which Martinelli coild not do anything with.

    Willian was a passenger like most of the team.

  2. Bob Martin January 25, 2021 at 7:14 am #

    Agree with you Marc. Some writers are just ultra critical and negative which does not help anyone at all. I hate all this negative energy…it is destructive!

  3. Steve Wellman January 25, 2021 at 7:41 am #

    I am normally a fair minded, level headed writer (see the rest of my page on GunnersTown) and agree that negativity helps no one, but Saturday pushed me over the edge

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