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Not popular with St Louis RAMS fans.

Kroenke sucking the life out of Arsenal and its fans.

Kroenke the Parasite Some fans say it’s the hope that kills you. But for me it’s the fact that there is no hope. I used to eagerly await the start to a new season. Not any more – Stan Kroenke the killer of sporting dreams has crushed all hope. I don’t think I’ve ever hated […]

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Think you’re better than Wenger? Prove it in the Gunners Town Fantasy Football League

So you think you know best!!!! So you think you know how to pick a better team than Wenger? So you think you know how to buy players better than Gazidis? So you think you know how to spend money better than Kroenke So you think you can beat a previous DreamTeam winner (TBH that’s […]

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They want him to stay. They want him to stay. Arsene Wenger, board wants him to stay.

Arsenal Football Club and Arsène Wenger have agreed a two-year extension to his contract as manager. This will come as a surprise to many. A relief to some. Where do you fit in the reaction spectrum? Two more years of Wenger. How do you feel? #Arsenal — Gunners Town (@GunnersTown) May 31, 2017 invinciblogI was […]

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Out of touch, out of time.

“Judge Me in May”: Out of Touch, Out of Time. Wenger Out.

So rumours say that Arsenal have approached Michael Zorc of Borussia Dortmund to become our new coach. Apparently at the request of Gazidis. You may recall that he said that we had reached a catalyst for change. We could not go on as we had this year. Apparently Wenger would then move upstairs. Unfortunately no […]

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2 more years

Wenger In or Wenger Out – We can still respect each other and back The Arsenal

As we head into the weekend that could well represent the watershed for Wenger and Arsenal in 2016/17 and beyond, we are delighted to present a lovely and quite unusual piece from ‘The Arsenal Circular’, Graham Perry. Tomorrow our beloved Gunners will walk out at Wembley in an FA Cup Semi Final with so much […]

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The Arsenal Power Card

The Power Card: Do Arsenal Hold An Ace Up Their Sleeve?

Do Arsenal have an ace up their sleeve waiting to be played? It’s no secret, Arsenal Football Club is a sporting entity that runs itself differently. This contrast lies in the inordinate amount of decision-making placed in the hands of the manager while the Board and organizational personnel handle matters behind the scenes. The irony […]

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Highbury Didn’t Die For This – A Brutal Assessment by a Veteran Gooner

What is going on at our football club?! I’m a disgruntled season ticket holder who’s been going along to watch The Arsenal for over 50 years now and I’m finding it increasingly hard to justify paying over a £1,000 a season to watch a bunch of under-performing, pampered prima donnas. I can’t ever remember the […]

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Going... going... gone

Without Wenger Arsenal Inc. will no longer be a ‘Football’ Club

(Editor’s Note: This post was written before the 5-1 loss to FC Bayern in the Champions League last night)   Arsène Wenger’s reign is coming to an end, his departure in the summer looking increasingly realistic, and speculations suggest he won’t “move upstairs” but simply leave the Club and either retire or continue his career […]

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If Wenger beats Klopp, Guardiola, Mourinho and Conte then who replaces him?

Better The Wenger You Know…

My interest in football articles and in particular those associated with Arsenal was drawn to a number of articles in which the common subjects appeared to be praise for Wenger for the performance of the current team and severe criticism for the ineptitude of Man Utd`s recent managers. Kroenke in particular remarked on the difficulty […]

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Gazidis and Kroneke are experts at deflecting blame

The Fish Rots From The Head – Arsenal needs a culture shift

Another visit to Old Trafford, another shambolic performance. I don’t bother with anger anymore. If a decade of resignation has taught me anything, it is that while the situation at Arsenal is helplessly rigid, emotion simply isn’t worth it. Pessimism has been a faithful ally of mine over the years; I’d recommend it to any […]

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