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Herbert Chapman

#ChapmansHat and why it should matter to Arsenal’s billionaire owner

How do you place value on history? The Arsenal is more than a club. It is a living, breathing monument to the men and women who carefully and passionately carried it through times of great prosperity and incredible hardship. Rightfully proud of its history, its traditions and its deep connection to the generations of loyal […]

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An All-time British Arsenal XI – What’s yours?

Just a random post in this pandemic-initiated lockdown….. If looking at British players (from the four UK FIFA-registered associations – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), which players would feature?     We’ve had many top foreigners. Some of the best ever non-British players to grace the country’s league at any period have been at […]

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No matter who owns the shares The Arsenal’s Soul will NEVER be up for Sale, because Arsenal is…….

Arsenal’s soul will never be up for sale.   Arsenal is the gasping of breath at my first sight of the Highbury turf, after my small legs carried me up the well-trodden steps. Arsenal is the smell of frying onions on an autumnal evening as a sea of red and white meanders the terraced streets […]

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A Fitting Farewell for Wenger in the Herbert Chapman Derby – Can he finally add a win in 2018 to some of his most famous victories on the road.

So it’s Wenger’s final game…..ever. It’s a sad occasion. I’ve wanted him out for a while, but then he is a giant in our club. He got a great send-off for his final league game at home. So we need to give him a win, and to stop our bad away form, at least. This […]

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George Graham – Have bungs, Sp*rs and Wenger undermined his legacy?

George Graham was the Arsenal manager between 1986 and 1995. At this point he is our second-best ever manager, based on trophies, win percentage, and overall legacy. The premier manager is Wenger, of course. Wenger has won ten trophies with us, though Graham won six, including a European trophy that Wenger hasn’t attained to date. […]

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Arsene Wenger

Why Wenger’s legacy may surpass that of Chapman

For a while now I have been beset with doubts about my continued love of football and appreciation of winning, both of which seem to run along quite nicely till we reach the block of unyielding, mostly unbending support of Arsenal and Arsene Wenger on the whole. At that point my philosophy of life begins […]

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The Golden Age Of Arsenal (PART ONE)

The Golden Age Of Arsenal PART ONE by Gary Lawrence I remember once going to visit my cousin years ago in hospital and she introduced to me a women in the bed next to her saying “She’s related to somebody to do with Arsenal” I said “Who’s that then” to which she replied “Oh it was […]

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Forever in our shadow

Arsenal are a larger club than Tottenham: this shouldn’t even be a debate

For a couple of years now I’ve tried to grasp the concept of Arsenal and Tottenham hating each other on all levels: from fans to the board. I do realise that emotions are irrational. You hate someone just because you hate someone. Full stop. And yet, and yet… Surely fans aren’t born with this. It’s […]

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Arsenal’s recent and upcoming dealings ON AND OFF the field show that the future’s bright – the future’s red and white

  In today’s world, for football clubs to become hugely successful they should have a world-class stadium, a large fan base and a marketable name to be able to survive around the big fish. At Arsenal, those things have been looked at and done since 1913. As most of us Gooners know, Arsenal Football Club […]

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