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Houssem Aouar — The ENIGMA who could be Arsenal’s Left side 8

Today we look at one of France’s unpolished gems. A Player some Arsenal fans fell in love with last summer but one on which the majority is still undecided. A player I like to call the DISRUPTOR. Aouar pronounced “Ow-arr” is one of the most talented advanced midfielders of his generation. Blessed with superb technique, […]

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Arteta’s Closing Window of Opportunity – Key Signings needed urgently but time for AMN to embrace right back role

Well Saturday morning (AEST) was a depressing start to the season. Many others, more eloquent than I, will dissect and critique the players, manager and board on that one. Now I’ve chilled out a bit, I thought I’d look at the next two weeks and what we can hope for / need / realistically achieve […]

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Why in 21/22 Emile Smith Rowe will be the Croydon Nasri and not the Croydon De Bruyne

As we approach the new 21/22 campaign, as Arsenal supporters, we are still yet to discover which player will arrive to take some of the creative burden from the young shoulders of Saka and Smith-Rowe. Will it be Maddison, will it be Odegaard, or Aouar, or even another left field suggestion such as Renato Sanches? […]

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A Blueprint for Arsenal’s 2021/22 Summer Rebuild – Part Two

The second step to any successful rebuild is identifying the areas of the squad that need improving and bringing in the correct personnel in order to do so. For Arsenal, this hasn’t always been straight forward, for a number of reasons. Although large sums have been spent, investment has often been put into positions that […]

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Evidence says both Maddison and Aouar are upgrades on Emile Smith Rowe – But which is the best option?

With the Euros done and dusted (love you Bukayo!), it is time for the focus to shift completely to The Arsenal – especially their squad building for the upcoming year. Nuno Tavares became the first signing of the summer last week and the pace of arrivals and departures is expected to pick up over the […]

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Transfer Window Pending – To be Ruthless on the Pitch, Arsenal need to be Ruthless off it!

For years, we’ve stood by and watched our best players leave the club. Transfer markets were like grey clouds in the distance; they couldn’t be avoided, what was about to happen seemed inevitable; rumours circled, players agitated for their ‘big’ moves, they left and misery rained down on the fan base. From our perspective, the […]

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Desperate for what we don’t NEED – and the 7 Steps Arteta Is taking to get the results we WANT

Desperate for what we don’t want POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES I spend too much time scrolling through Twitter. I admit. I had to get off it on Saturday though. The transfer window turns people who I respect into angry and irrational. I totally understand that you can be angry and greatly disappointed after it’s over. […]

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Saka to be the Alternative Internal Creative Solution to Houssem Aouar

I wrote this on Sunday morning, but it has been on my mind for ages. Those who chat to me privately will know that I was never overly concerned about the signing of Houssem Aouar, not because I don’t admire him, more that I don’t see the pressing need. Yes, I acknowledge the lack of […]

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9 Positives to take from Arsenal’s win at Anfield (and one caveat: Don’t Fall In Love)

Don’t fall in love POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES How often did you fall in love as a youngster? I distinctly remember thinking that I was in love on numerous occasions. I remember forcing the feeling. I wanted to be in love. My mates were. They told me that it was brilliant. They told me that […]

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A Window to the Future: Six things Arsenal needs to Level Up (Positive Needs & Hopes)

A Window to the Future Saturday at 5pm I sat down to make a coaching plan based on what I’d just seen. My son’s team had just been beaten 4-1 and I’d been asked to guest coach a session this Thursday. When deciding what to teach I always try to analyze what the root of […]

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