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Arsenal-vs-West-Ham (1)

Arsenal Confidence Good but Over Confidence Bad as leads to COMPLACENCY

Complacency We were complacent. There was so much confidence going around before the game that no-one saw this result coming. Obviously the players felt it too and even when we went a goal down I was convinced that we’d pull one back and then go on to win the game. The problem is that whilst […]

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Arsenal 0 Swansea 1 – Sadly ‘Good Old Arsenal!!!’

“As Valencia’s deflected shot found the bottom corner I stared at the screen in disbelief. The sense of unreality swept over me. For a good while longer than a few seconds I’ve been (fruitlessly) trying to persuade myself that this wasn’t happening. This could not be happening. Simply because everything about this goal was so […]

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IN GAME MANAGEMENT – When match tactics are wrong you have to adapt during the match and Wenger failed to do so!

. Captain’s Log Star-Date 1,4,6 point 17. Spock thinks we should head to the Phondar system. I wasn’t actually listening to his reasons because the Phonarian ambassador was sitting opposite me. I’ve always had a thing for green girls. With Arsenal, Man U, Liverpool & Spurs, four teams for two places, it’s no tragedy that […]

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We Can Break Our European Duck This Year!

Hello guys, it’s the refreshed Subomi here writing again and recent results have given every reason to feel that way. Now people many wonder what my opinion on Wenger currently stands as, and at the minute I feel unsure. I’m uncertain of how far he can take us, mainly through his stubbornness and knack for […]

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