We Can Break Our European Duck This Year!

Hello guys, it’s the refreshed Subomi here writing again and recent results have given every reason to feel that way.

Now people many wonder what my opinion on Wenger currently stands as, and at the minute I feel unsure. I’m uncertain of how far he can take us, mainly through his stubbornness and knack for repeating mistakes on a yearly basis however every complaint I’ve had this campaign seems to be slowly addressed week by week.


1. Not using/buying a proper DM

Coquelin’s recent involvement has improved our game an awful lot because we’ve been crying out for a dynamic midfielder ready to the dirty work in our midfield for years!

Yes, Arteta keeps our play ticking but his role is appropriate against smaller teams where we’re certain to dominate possession. The bigger games where an elusive No. 10 is facing us is where he’s exposed to the point you almost cringe (Dortmund a prime example). Flamini…. well I’m trying to be positive here so the less said the better. Bielik is also a young prospect and nobody can really doubt Wenger’s expertise in this department of recruiting.

Doing the dirty work


2. Defensive Cover

The signing of Paulista is very welcome indeed. Monreal has been decent lately but the old demons nearly came back in play on the weekend in the central position. Anything to avoid using him there is welcome. From what I’ve observed on Paulista (courtesy of the wonderful Arsenal-Editor videos) he seems to be a good ball-playing defender but my only concern is he’s the Koscielney type of defender rather than the Mertesacker type. This means that a Paulista-Koscielney partnership may struggle just like Koscielney-Vermaelen did due to being too similar in the fact that they both like to attack or nick the ball and vacate the defensive line.

Laurent is our best defender so I think we should base our defensive plans around him but with his achilles problem on-going it was wise in getting a like-for-like replacement and I’m glad we’ve addressed this.

Paulista the man for the job?

3. Switching Our Style

The City game is proof that Wenger is finally, finally, finally ready to sacrifice good football for results! I’ve been desperate to see this happen for years to avoid the humiliation we’ve had to face in the big games and I pray that the City game is not a one off. At the moment I’d still like a top manager in the summer if recent history continues but there’s nothing more that I want than a refreshed open-minded Wenger of old!


A tougher Wenger at City.

So, my main point surrounding the Champions League. This is a competition I’ve said all season we can succeed in, even through our bad patches I had a gut feeling we could do it and that belief has only strengthened now after the draw. I’ve seen worse teams lift aloft that glorious trophy (Liverpool 05, Chelsea 12, Milan 07) and I believe we can finally make it ours this year.

You can’t really plan for cup competitions as an element of fortune and grace is required alongside a team’s capabilities but I think we can gain that this year with game changers like Alexis Sanchez, Theo Walcott and the flair possessed by both Mesut Ozil & Santi Cazorla. We already have goal of the tournament via Aaron Ramsey and finally finishing 2nd in the group brought us favour in the following round.

Strangely I’m more confident about our performances against European powerhouses than I am versus our domestic giants. We now have a chance to gain momentum this time around providing we beat Monaco and with injuries likely to return at a timely rate we will have a lot go right for us this time.


I believe in my instincts and I feel this year is it! Anyway I’d add more but I plan to spend the evening looking at venues and flights to book in Berlin for May. Yes, I am perfectly sober and fine trust me!


Have a wonderful day everybody 🙂 #COYG


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3 Responses to We Can Break Our European Duck This Year!

  1. Brian January 29, 2015 at 4:55 pm #

    yes, some times it luck!
    that aside I also see our unpredictable side with a chance having two or three creative players i.e Alexis and Carzola.
    Our defence on a good day can deny Aguero 2 shorts on target in 90 mins.


    And by the way Wenger is a man who keeps his word he promised us a trophy in three years… and he has changed(bringing Sanchez to play F.A) he means business

  2. Emilio Zorlakki January 29, 2015 at 11:55 pm #

    Koscielny was the problem at Brighton, not Monreal. Too casual as he was at Southampton.


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