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Gazidis and Kroneke are experts at deflecting blame

The Fish Rots From The Head – Arsenal needs a culture shift

Another visit to Old Trafford, another shambolic performance. I don’t bother with anger anymore. If a decade of resignation has taught me anything, it is that while the situation at Arsenal is helplessly rigid, emotion simply isn’t worth it. Pessimism has been a faithful ally of mine over the years; I’d recommend it to any […]

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Arsene Wenger IN or Arsene Wenger OUT? – Part 2- Wenger IN

The comments on Part I are appreciated and I say again that it was only an aggregation of the views held by many others – NOT my personal view on Wenger. I would like to point out Mr. Victor Thomson as one of the most civil people I have ever had a disagreement with. Sir, […]

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Kroenke’s Wonky Plan: squeezing Arsenal’s biggest asset – its Fans

Gunners Town is pleased to welcome guest writer Gary Lawrence to the site to air his heart-felt views on Arsenal’s disappointing ticket price policies. You can follow him on Twitter at @garythegooner56   The Real Cost of Arsenal’s Ticket Prices by Gary Lawrence I feel I must write about two things that have infuriated me […]

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