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United fans think we are the ‘same old Arsenal’ but with a better Keeper – Are they right?

It was hardly a surprise that Arsenal lost to Barcelona. They are the best team in the world and their front three contains three of the world’s best strikers. Maybe Real Madrid fans should educate some of us Arsenal fans on how good Barcelona really are. I get the fact that our season is hanging […]

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Arsene Wenger IN or Arsene Wenger OUT? – Part 2- Wenger IN

The comments on Part I are appreciated and I say again that it was only an aggregation of the views held by many others – NOT my personal view on Wenger. I would like to point out Mr. Victor Thomson as one of the most civil people I have ever had a disagreement with. Sir, […]

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Plenty of Gifts for Arsenal this Christmas – From our rivals, surprisingly!!!

Christmas comes but once a year! Christmas comes but once a year, Bringing Gooners everywhere plenty of cheer.  But don’t forget the very best part, Chelsea imploding causing Maureen to depart. And United can score at home or away!!?? With Van Gaal facing the sack, well any day City are wasting the money from the […]

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Wenger opts out of the Game of £50 Million Spin a Transfer Bottle – No Longer a Gambler?

Got £50mill spare Guvnor? So now the silly season is over for another 3 months and no-one could be arsed to turn up and protest (lol). Just what does £50mill buy you these days? Well, according to LVG, when you spend it on deadline day, on an unknown 12 year old, with a 1 in […]

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Exclusively Revealed – What Fergie said to Van Gaal about Coquelin.

  Who is this Francis Coquelin they speak of? A friend of my cousin’s dog sitter’s milkman used to drink with the ex-postboy in Miers Porgan’s office at The Spews of the World. He was clearing out the ex-owners desk & found a laptop still connected to the internet & bizarrely it was still recording […]

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