Wenger opts out of the Game of £50 Million Spin a Transfer Bottle – No Longer a Gambler?

Got £50mill spare Guvnor?

One Million Pounds Sterling

One Million Pounds Sterling – Only need another £49m

So now the silly season is over for another 3 months and no-one could be arsed to turn up and protest (lol).

Just what does £50mill buy you these days?

Well, according to LVG, when you spend it on deadline day, on an unknown 12 year old, with a 1 in 5 record in Ligue 1, it’s not panic spending.


Who are ya, who are ya?

£50 million buys you, Anthony Martial, that’s who (£57m if you believe Monaco). Still none the wiser? Well join the club.

Apparently, the ‘next’ Henry, but there can only be one TH14.= and he completed 90 minutes in the French top flight 4 times!!

But then I suppose, if you’ve just blown £15m in one season on wages for Falcao, you might as well go shit or bust on the next deal!!!!

£50m doesn’t buy you David De Gea.

If LGV hadn’t blown his wad on the little boy inside RVP, he could have brought a fax machine with the ability to send a contract to Spain on time, or at least some ink cartridges,

Have these people not heard of this new fangled invention called email???

Old Tafford Technology

However, on the other side of Manchester, it does allow you to purchase Kevin De Bruyne.

One good season at Wolfsburg and suddenly you are worth 300% more than you were 12 months ago after 2 failed season at The Chavs.

A few more barrels will need to be sold to finance that one I think, along with some creative FFP accounting!!

Is that his squad number of his age? Not his value for sure


Also in the £50m club is Raheem Sterling, taking potential to the extreme? Though again, one good season, does not a world class player make and jumping ship for the money after one season in the spotlight doesn’t always work out. Ask $amir how he’s going, getting the splinters out of his arse?

Future Bench Splinters for Rahem or Kevin?

What I’m trying to say is;

Yes we all wanted Arsene to pull a rabbit out of his magic hat on September 1st but spending £50m isn’t as easy as it is on FIFA.

If the player doesn’t want to come, he won’t come.

If the club don’t want to sell, they won’t sell.

One good season doesn’t justify a world class fee.

And if you end up spending for the sake of it and buying a ‘Non Worldie’, the fickle fans will bitch and moan even more.

As Arsene said;

“No-one wants Arsenal to buy players just for the sake of it, but we do want to see the money being invested to make the club stronger.” 

We have the squad we have, period.

I think we are one player short, but what do I know?!!

A month ago it was deemed to be as good as any in the league, than after a mediocre start, it’s deemed relegation fodder.

So relax, take a deep breath and enjoy the ride.

After all, we are Gooners and following The Arsenal was never supposed to be easy!

To Misquote Arsene:

AW Quote

Until next time………………

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