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The worst Arsenal transfers of the 21st century

  The worst Arsenal transfers of the 21st century In the winter transfer window, Arsenal finally managed to get rid of Ozil’s huge contract by letting him go to Fenerbahce for free. Undoubtedly, zero pounds is a significant financial loss when you remember that the Turkish German came from Real Madrid for 42 million. Nevertheless, […]

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New Theory – Mesut Ozil has in fact retired already!!

Sometimes fans come up with the craziest of ideas and theories. Some go noticed by many like the banners and the attitudes of fans on social media going global. And when I mean ideas, this is something not based on transfers like we should buy player x because of his reputation or because he had […]

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No Mourinho here thanks – Despite his love of Classy Mesut

I cannot understand why so much paper is being foolishly stuffed with talk about Mourinho. He was audacious, self – opinionated and quick to disparage other managers, but he was successful which of course increased his Ego. He was brash. An Inter fan christened him “The Special One” when he joined them and thereafter he […]

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Ozil Coy

The Secret Diary of Mezut Özil, Aged 30 3/4

The Secret Diary of Mezut Özil, Aged 30 3/4 Monday 16th September 2019: 71 minutes, 71 minutes, bloody hell, gonna suffer this week, really not used to this intense a workout.   Wednesday 18th September 2019: Away in Frankfurt tomorrow, well the rest of the boys are. Emery knows the deal, no long away days […]

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Restored the calm

Mertesacker restores the calm after the Gabriel Storm in a routine Gunners Win

Finally a win and a convincing win with a lot of positives. No “ifs”, no “buts”, no dissecting another below-par performance and finding possible reasons behind it. A simple, emphatic win and it doesn’t really matter West Brom couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the game. All that matters is that we’ve secured the much-needed three […]

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Always Ref's fault

Wenger has built a Palace but not all inside will worship him for it

Yesterday thanks to Dave Seager who kindly obtained two tickets for us, my son and I traveled from Belfast to London to see our beloved Arsenal play Swansea. It was also an opportunity to spend some time with a seriously ill relative who is about to undertake major surgery. She is my only surviving relative […]

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A rare header

A Hungry Ozil is a thing of true beauty – ‘A Play-making Animal!’

It’s funny isn’t it how one display of our true talent which personified Arsene Wenger’s philosophy that has encompassed our great club can really change the mood in our fan base. The demons from the West Brom game seem to have been exorcised as our boys brought out the big guns to comfortably dispose of […]

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Julian Draxler

Can Julian Draxler lessen the pressure on Ozil, while also learning his trade from Ollie and Alexis?

Arsenal have built an identity this season with high pressing and swift transitions in attack; a feature which seems the most important weapon of the team, going into next season. However, hassling teams and winning back possession hasn’t always produced the desired objective, which is to become ruthless in the final third. I also don’t […]

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Arsene will make you an offer you won't refuse

So Farewell to Diaby but Hello to Who? Additions will arrive but after I suspect the Big Club Domino Effect

I do not remember the last time I had a week so busy. However, this was also coupled with the fact next to nothing Arsenal-related was happening. The big news is probably Diaby leaving the Club after almost ten years. The Frenchman was recently listed as a free agent come July 1st. As @Arseblog rightly […]

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