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Arsenal the Moody Teenager in frustratingly disjointed Palace draw (Positive Needs & Hopes)

Arsenal the moody teenager POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES I remember being 13. An absolute whirlwind of emotions. I was dealing with realizing that my parents needed to be shunned as all my friends were doing the same. Girls were on the scene and so I had to activate my sweet side for them. My friends […]

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Empty Stadium

The Worst of Times: how Wenger is destroying the Club he claims to love

I have been silent for some time as far as articles go, but frankly, there has been very little to inspire me that hasn`t been covered by the excellent Gunners Town crew. I have confined myself to commenting fairly detailed replies on many of these articles. In recent times though, there is one consistent topic […]

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oxlade substitute

Boo a snake. or a skunk. But don’t boo the Ox.

The Liverpool game was noteworthy, in my mind, for some key points. Firstly, we attack well, and so do Liverpool. Secondly, we defend atrociously. And so do they. Third, it was one of the games of the season. Lastly, we were wrong to boo the Ox. That’s right; I don’t believe he warranted that treatment. […]

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Arsenal switches from British Home Stores to French Connection

From British Home Stores to French Connection In December 2012, Arsene looked into providing a Grahamesque British spine to the team, but things haven’t worked out that way and he now appears to be reverting to form and is back shopping at French Connection. Wenger stated that Jack was, “The leader of the group of […]

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So who is Xhaka’s Suited Midfield Partner? – The Crucial Football Online Dating Service for 2017/18

Granit Xhaka sits in his lavish home office at an executive desk. In his left hand is a glass of fine champagne and in his right is a computer mouse. He gazes anxiously at the widescreen monitor of his computer that currently displays the homepage for the popular dating site, E-Harmony. He knows he needs […]

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Star Man Özil – is he the new Bergkamp? Or even better?

Let us start off with an image which I am sure will bring warmth to a lot of Gooner hearts, the Champions League team of the week from . Go on, take a look, weep a little. Tell your friends and their friends. Go hire an open top bus to go through town shouting […]

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Arsenal - A Rudderless ship

An Invisible Man, (Theo) Mr Anonymous (Rambo) and a Rudderless Ship – All Change Please!

Where do I even begin this blog? I haven’t had much mojo for blogging recently, so I have been quiet. After that travesty at Old Trafford, though, I’m not going to hold back. Arsenal need a major overhaul and I am starting to wonder if Wenger is the man to do it, or if he […]

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Theo wave

Champ or Chump? What will Theo Walcott’s Legacy be?

The Arsenal have, over the decades been blessed with players of tremendous skill, fight, and most importantly, the will to learn and be better than they initially were. We always mention Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Patrick Viera, Robert Pires, Freddie Ljungberg, Tony Adams and a select few when the topic of the greatest players to […]

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Le Groan on Le Loan – Is the system failing for Arsenal as 2 return?

Silly season is here….run, Gooners! At a time when online media throw names around to win the click-bait war, in a quite ridiculous crescendo that saw the Arsenal linked to Alexandr Kororin, Troy Deeney, Javier Hernandez and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in deals going from £3m up to £60m, I would like to concentrate on some transfers […]

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Dinamo Zagreb

Dinamo Zagreb preview: all about building up momentum

Well, this is awkward. A few times a season such a thing happens: we play a team I know nothing, or next to nothing, about. And yet I have to write a preview. In such cases I try to concentrate more on what we do and how we approach the game and this is exactly […]

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