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Troubleshoot Arsenal

Troubleshooting Arsenal: You Have A Virus, Please Update Wenger OS Immediately!

Why did Wenger change? The recent defeats have made me more pensive about our club than usual. I have said I am Wenger Out for some time here, but then I guess it’s part of my personality and my own vocational experience to be analytical. I have often been involved in roles requiring problem-solving/organisational operations, […]

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Dixon and Adams

Fantasy signings: past players that could stop Arsenal’s plunge into obscurity

Cloning players from the past….who could do it in the current era and team? Comparing eras is a fallacy, really. The 1970s had its unique parameters that don’t apply now. They had really shitty pitches, but largely since 3G pitches didn’t exist, nor was the technology for virtually unbroken pitches widespread back then. It’s the […]

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Henry shows his class - and how much Gio was valued...

Gio: the unsung Arsenal hero that Thierry rated

Today’s Arsenal unsung hero is a bit of a left-field shout. it is a fair to say that he had a fairly unassuming Arsenal career, and there isn’t really one single standout moment from him wearing the Arsenal colours…but…for me, he was part of one of the most exciting summers that I can remember. He […]

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