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Theodore James Walcott, it’s time to say goodbye

Theo James Walcott signed from Southampton on the 20th January 2006 and I for one was delighted. He was young, English, exciting and, above everything, the first Arsenal player I knew of, who was younger than me – by a month, which kind of caught my imagination and gave me a unique supporter-player relationship that […]

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If Wenger trusts in this squad so will I – Collective Faith must be repaid though

Today’s blog is not about transfers, I am more than glad that the circus left yesterday and I want everyone to go back to football. Once you see that the usually serious BBC asking self-elected Football Manager experts to give their views about the impact of this or that player, based on their saved games, […]

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Why do the English Media despise Arsenal as much as they do whilst admiring others who are genuinely failing?

Everyone has the right to give their opinions, they are allowed to talk about it, to write about it and to share their thoughts to people in any way, be it a respectful way. Football in England is still, no doubt one of the best to watch in the world. The rivalry, the tenacity, the […]

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