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Energetic start gives Arsenal all three points in vital Leeds clash [ARS 2-1 LEE]

Lucozade and lemon drops I always try to base my opening piece on what I think is the general feeling coming out of the game. The general feeling coming out of that game for me and most I think, was that yet again I soiled my britches and I feel like Arsenal need to give […]

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relieved fans

Not fun, don’t care – Arsenal grind out ugly but vital win to keep Top 4 dreams alive

Not fun, don’t care Positives, Needs and Hopes Well, actually I did care during the game. I didn’t necessarily need to be entertained but I did need to feel like we were trying to win. So, let’s get the honesty out of the way. During the games I make copious notes. I make columns based […]

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The Accidental Benefit (or was it?) of Arteta challenging Saka and ESR to score more [Expanded Edition]

An Accidental Benefit   POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES At half time yesterday I had written down five potential headlines for this blog all about our obvious need to be able to create clear-cut chances. We had recorded more chances in one half than anybody else in the Premier league this season. Apart from Lacazette‘s disallowed […]

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Partey Sees Red

Killing yourself trying not to get killed: Arsenal slide out of silverware chase (ARS 0-2 LIV [0-2])

Killing yourself trying not to get killed POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES Football has trends. It always has. When I was younger the trend was 4-4-2 with a tall target man and a penalty box striker. When the Premier League came along and Arsene Wenger showed up we introduced the trend of short passing and high […]

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The players who make Arsenal tick: Player | Goal Differential data analysis

Here we go! I’m back at it this time, from the midst of the sunny Coromandel on the East Coast of NZ! Great place for a summer holiday. The camping equipment is out, BBQ is shimmering, the beaches are full, however, unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, given our injury crisis) The Arsenal haven’t played in a […]

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3D day for Arteta’s Arsenal at Anfield as Determination, Discipline and Direction shut out Liverpool

A day for Arteta This isn’t just good form you know. Step back for a minute and admire this new team. That performance last night wasn’t just dogged. You can’t play Liverpool at Anfield, one of the best teams in world football, and shut them out with 10 men with no shots on target if […]

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Arsenal Bingo: The Unpredictables seize the Win over So’ton in vital confidence boost [ARS 3-0 SOU]

Arsenal Bingo POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES Is it fair to say that Arsenal are hugely unpredictable? Without fail my son asks me “What do you think the score will be today?” Without fail I say, “I’ve no idea, Max.” Then we go to the NBC predictor app and I quickly guess at the 6 results […]

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Nketiah miss

The Dummy Revelation: Less Arteta Makes Arsenal Better [EVE 2-1 ARS]

The Dummy Revelation POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES The loudest I got watching yesterday’s game wasn’t actually Odegaard’s goal. It wasn’t Godfrey trying to implant his studs into Tomi’s face either. It was the 97th minute. It wasn’t Auba’s miss either. It was a raw reaction to the dummy that set up Auba’s miss. I’d spent […]

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Arteta Rejoices

A Different Kinda Thing: Arteta’s Arsenal muddle through in presence of Evil Overlord [ARS 1-0 WAT]

A Different Kinda Thing POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES This post was going to be called ‘Scruffy something.’ I sat annoyed at myself trying to find the word that went with scruffy for way too long. The performance was definitely scruffy so i was locked into the headline. Then it dawned on me that not all […]

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Aubameyang Celebrates

Arsenal nicks a stealthy win: when good makes good bad [ARS 3-1 AVL]

When good makes good bad POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES Let’s pretend you are reading this and you don’t know who won. You know it was 3-1, but you don’t know who to. Let us be honest here, you wouldn’t confidently be able to say. It would be 50/50. Exactly 50/50. Why? Because that’s who we […]

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